“Tele”It’s all the buzzword these days with the political campaigning in full tilt.  Think of it as how you appear.  What is being communicated.

      The word itself, the prefix, is of greek origin meaning something that is transmitted or communicated over a long distance.  Like telephone, telegraph, television, telecommunication.
     Apply this to the business realm or in “communications” theory and the experts will ask, what is being transmitted non-verbally about a person, a company, a logo, a brand or (in our world) even a property.
     If it is an individual, what is the impression that is being drawn when they step into a room without even saying the first word.  Consider the clothing, presence, mannerisms…
     If it is an entity:  Is it strength, stability, creativity, boldness, love, generosity…
     Our homes have this same power.  They speak to our very core.  Everybody and everything transmits without saying a single thing.
     I believe that the world has shifted. The times of quick flips are over. Substance is prevailing.  People are aligning with quality and longevity. They are analyzing the Long View when making decisions. And, others are taking note when we do. They recognize how we value our possessions. How we value our time. And our loved ones. These impressions are set from the very first visit. And, they continue to be fostered as we branch out into the community. It is who we are.
     So, regardless of the size of the home or the mass of the estate,  to present one’s self well speaks volumes as to what we hold dear.
Take care and Thrive on,

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