Month: July 2011

Working on a Dream ~ A Small Glimpse Into Heaven

     As I set out on a run the other evening, several thoughts were weighing heavy on my mind.  I began thinking about bills that needed to be dealt with, the economy, financial markets and the direction of this great country, when a stream came through my mind.  I am not saying in the least that this was some sort of vision, it was … Read More Working on a Dream ~ A Small Glimpse Into Heaven

Changing With The Times

You know, I love the Spectacular Transformation.  Whether it plays out in our own Lives or in our Homes, there are times when we all can find ourselves in a rut.  A little bit out of date, kind of worn down, definitely in need of some polishing.  The homeowners of this Roswell beauty found themselves in just this sort of predicament.  Although, other areas of the Home had been … Read More Changing With The Times

Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Solitude and Serenity

Following up from our most recent family gathering at the lake, here is a glimpse of some of the more subtle retreats that are tucked away around the property and which provide the greatest rejuvenating power of everything there is to enjoy. You see, toward the end of the week, we actually had seventeen people trying to co-exist up there. Fortunately, with the way … Read More Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Solitude and Serenity

Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Craftsmanship

     One of the reasons that I absolutely love our trips to my sisters lake house is that there is so much to take in.  Like many of us who would consider ourselves in the camp of the Home Enthusiast, I  continually find myself drawn to the finer intricacies and details that make a Home so magical.  In this series of brief, blog posts, I wanted to share … Read More Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Craftsmanship

A Beautiful Awakening

     You may actually recognize this one.  I’ve been sharing a few snippets of it along the way.  Maybe I’m just in a blogging frame of mind after taking a week off for vacation, but, I don’t want to refrain from  giving this project its proper attention any longer.  This home is in a prime location off of Paces Ferry Road in one of the most sought after communities in Atlanta.  The … Read More A Beautiful Awakening

How We Should Share…

     I’m not sure if this post should  be categorized under the Well Composed Life tab or the Well Composed Home.  It could easily fall under “Life” because the person who had sent me  this short essay (that I am sharing below) truly embodies the virtues expressed in the story.  This lady came into the life of my family when we were going through a … Read More How We Should Share…

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