Month: October 2011

Bringing it Back Together

Wow, it certainly seems that the seasons are simply flying by these days.   As for me and my crew, we continue to rush from one appointment to the next, one event to another and one ‘to-do’ to yet an additional ensuing ‘to-do’.  It is just crazy; bordering on chaos.  It also reminds me of how much I appreciate order, tidiness, balance and composure.  And, how much I would like to … Read More Bringing it Back Together

Why I Love “This World”!

The other night, I had the privilege of attending an absolutely amazing event.  Beacham and Company had a Reveal Party for the latest edition of their publication called “The Series” coupled with a celebration of their 5 year anniversary.  If you’re not Following these guys, you have too.  If you’re not a Fan yet of the company, go check them out.  There is no way that … Read More Why I Love “This World”!

While We’re Talkin About the Lake

  Can anyone tell me who designed / built this one?  It has always been a Gem on the Burton shoreline.  We would pass it on our way to Anchorage Marina and I would sit back and relish in its splendor.  The way it sits out on the point in the noblest of fashion.  With an air of stateliness, elegance and just plain striking beauty.      And then the … Read More While We’re Talkin About the Lake

Kicked Back and Dreaming

Man ‘o man, this has been a ridiculously crazy week.  Sorry for being a little slack with the posts, it’s just been a scramble to get everything done between work and family.  With that being said, as I begin to decompress, my mind transcends to a better place.  And the cool evening breezes are helping me get there.  I suppose that with the changing of the … Read More Kicked Back and Dreaming

Well Worth the Accolades

I guess you’ve figured it out by now that I love to spotlight really cool projects whenever I come across them.  With that said, hats off to Tim Odom of Kitchen + Bath Artisans.  He recently picked up an NKBA Calla award;  For Kitchen Design of the Year, with this one.  And it is Remarkable.  Tim happens to be one of my favorite designers and his projects never … Read More Well Worth the Accolades

Continuing to Amaze

You know what… I love Twitter.  It’s crazy to say and I know that there was a time when you would have never heard me utter such a thing.  But, let me try to explain.  To me, the design world is incredible and the local talent here in Atlanta is through the roof.  As it happens to be, Twitter has proven itself to be the quickest and easiest way to … Read More Continuing to Amaze

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