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Ringing in the New Year (with fresh perspectives) Bring on ’17 !!!

What a joy are new beginnings.  Fresh perspectives.  Insights that have cultivated and matured.  Sometimes the paths are not always straight, but now, I can say that they are clear.  

By Wisdom a House is Built, And Through Understanding it is Established.

Man, these lines have been rolling around in my head all week. “By Wisdom a House is Built, And Through Understanding it is Established”.

“Tele” Home ~ “Tele” Life

By Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Norwood Architects      “Tele”…It’s all the buzzword these days with the political campaigning in full tilt.  Think of it as how you appear.  What is being communicated.


Disposable World

Is is absolutely crazy, yet, everywhere you turn, it will lead one to believe that we live in an entirely disposable world these days.  We race to grab the lowest price, the most readily available and/or the replica of the real thing because, hey, it’s close enough.  Stores will limit options to maximize earnings.  Products are designed to breakdown after a pre-determined length of … Read More Disposable World


#Building_forlife / #Maintaining_forlife / #Sustaining_forlife

Greetings ~ As 2016 is kicking off in fine fashion, I’ve made a few changes in my world.  Essentially, bringing everything into greater alignment. From the building side of things, I have made the switch to join Malone Construction.  A company with a storied history (nearly 70 years) of building some of Atlanta’s finest homes not to mention many of the cities most prominent … Read More #Building_forlife / #Maintaining_forlife / #Sustaining_forlife

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