Month: April 2011

Progressing the Dream

     I’m the type of person who will tend to latch onto a dream or vision and then keep an unwavering, stranglehold type of grip on it until I am able to bring it into being.  Usually the “Dream” serves as a means to provide Hope and Inspiration.  Most of the time, Motivation.  And, it always drives me to new levels of Creativity.  I love the mental focus that … Read More Progressing the Dream

Why We Build – Renewal

     “We build in the end, because we believe in the future – nothing shows committment to the future like Architecture.  And we build Well because we believe in a better future, because we believe that there are few greater gifts we can give the generations that will follow us than great works of Architeture, both as a symbol of our aspirations of community and … Read More Why We Build – Renewal

Autonomy and A Little Bit of Cash

     Earlier in my career, I had the privilege of working for one of the Nation’s top homebuilders and we literally had a blast every day.  In looking back, I can clearly say that it was the people who made the true difference.  For one, our Atlanta Division President was an absolute Leader of Leaders.  He definitely knew how to empower the staff.       Keep in mind, this … Read More Autonomy and A Little Bit of Cash

The Elusive Element

            For the longest time I have admired this home and yet I could not fully describe what it was about it that had me so drawn to it.  I do tend to like symmetry, but, I’m certain that there is something more here.  I also appreciate that it has a simple elegance, and yet, it is truly simple in regards to materials and … Read More The Elusive Element

Spec Building

A couple of years ago, I took a leap of faith and started my own Homebuilding company.  We jumped out of the gates pretty aggressively and quickly had 14 homes under construction. 12 Specs and 2 Pre-Sales, priced from 600K to 1.1M. We were Bold, Brazen and Full of Energy.  Excited about creating and bringing to market our visions while trying to wade through the complexities of starting a new venture.  … Read More Spec Building

What is “Well Composed”

Something that is Well Composed has a sense of integrity to it, both inside and out.  No matter which way you look at a home that is gracefully composed, it appears balanced and has it’s own unique sense of beauty and harmony.  Architects use this word “composed” to describe the interrelationships amoung forms, whether at the big picture level (such as how roof meets … Read More What is “Well Composed”

What it’s all about

So what is the Well Composed Home Site all about?  For me, the level of design that goes into a new home or a renovation project is the most critical element there is.  This is where it all begins.  It is the foundation.  In fact, it is only when we give the appropriate amount of attention to the design details up front, that the project is able … Read More What it’s all about

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