What a joy are new beginnings.  Fresh perspectives.  Insights that have cultivated and matured.  Sometimes the paths are not always straight, but now, I can say that they are clear.  I hope that everyone has truly enjoyed this holiday season and that your time with friends and family was all that you could have imagined.  Judging from the reports on the level of spending this go round, it would appear that optimism is on the rise.  Couple that with new levels of compassion and humanity and we should be in store for some healthy times ahead.

Now, with all of that becoming a new reality.  And with considerable time reflecting on the “crash”, the struggle to re-build, what went wrong / what went right and ultimately what I hold dear and who I want to be, I have settled into a solid pathway for moving forward.  Centrally, with everything in my life, I wish to focus on stewardship.  Not the old “dated” form of stewardship.  But, stewardship in All.  Everything in this modern life.  In relationships, responsibilities, marriage, parenting, property, finances, platforms.  You name it. All the things that I have been so fortunate to be blessed with.

It’s not uncommon for when things are on the rise, when people see an increase in economic activity, that there is a real tendency to grab up as much as one can.  Reap everything that is in sight.  After all, when times are good, spend more / buy more.  There’s a little extra jingle in your pocket, why not go out and acquire.  I see an alternate way to proceed.  Now is the time to plant.  Sow, sow, sow and then sow some more.  Invest in the future.  Develop additional streams of income.  Explore, test, analyze, make mistakes, learn, pivot, ship again.  Do it now when the consequences are not so dire.  Do not squander this time.  Don’t dare be lazy.  No time to rest.  This time is a gift & one to be cherished.

One of the ways in which we plan to spread our wings in 2017 is by venturing into the landscape space.  Couple that with the building and estate management focus, I believe we now have a wonderfully well rounded approach.  Why landscaping?  After all, we’ve been overseeing this side of things through our homebuilding efforts for over 25 years now.  Building pools, site walls, area drainage systems, creating walkways / patios and executing grading plans.  We’ve worked with the best of the best in each of these areas.  Plus, my heart lies at the connection of the home to the land.  Both disciplines hold equal significance.  And, both are necessary in creating a Well Composed Home.  Thus, the only natural direction was to fold this into our program of offerings as well.  I can’t wait to share with everyone the progress (as well as the trials) as we bring this baby to life.  Looking forward to good times to come.




All my Bests,


Estate Management / Land Management

Custom Homes and Renovations

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