The other evening I was listening to an interview with a newly found author who I am hooked on.  Ryan Michler, of the Order of Man podcast, was interviewing Stephen Mansfield.  In my opinion, Stephen is a guy who is talking a lot of truth in the midst of a slew of noise.  I suppose it is where I am currently at in life, yet, his message is overlapping fantastically with what I feel in my soul.  His story here is that the world is lacking clear examples of manhood.  I would take it further than pertaining strictly to the men of our day and include a lot of heads of household, owners of companies, public officials…irregardless of sex.

One of his core maxims is that we need to “Tend to Our Fields”.  And by this, he means to take responsibility. To “Own” our own fields.  He eloquently states that men have a “field” that they are accountable for.  And that includes everything that is within their scope of  responsibility.  This is not merely just their professional field.  It would also involve wife, kids, job, church, house, community, possessions or whatever they have committed to.  This is a field that they have had assigned to them.  Assigned by a Creator.  A field that they were meant to tend and to tend well.  To protect it, nurture it and cause everything that is within it to Thrive.  This is what they were called to care for.

Damn, if that doesn’t get you to want to man up.

His message is relevant, though. He is talking about leading an exemplary, noble and great life.  About being there for your spouse.  Forming a solid relationship with your daughter.  Guiding your son in the ways of character.  Building a company from a generational mindset.  Making a difference in the lives of those in your community.  Creating a legacy of lasting value.   It’s about taking responsibility for all that you have been entrusted to care over.

So, what’s the connection to Estate Management?  To me, even though it’s just one component of the bigger picture, it is simply the outward expression that displays how we desire to leave the world in a better state than we found it.  Specifically for us, how our homes and properties have been able to grow and prosper.  Yet, to a larger extent, how we were able to show that we took great care of all that was granted to us. And that we were so very appreciative of the opportunity.



As always,

Take care and keep Thrivin,


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