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Re-examining Farmhouses

So, I’ve been self described as Modern Farmhouse for quite a time now, and yet, today I believe it’s time to change my tune or at least to tweak it.  

Owning Your Field

The other evening I was listening to an interview with a newly found author who I am hooked on.


#Building_forlife / #Maintaining_forlife / #Sustaining_forlife

Greetings ~ As 2016 is kicking off in fine fashion, I’ve made a few changes in my world.  Essentially, bringing everything into greater alignment. From the building side of things, I have made the switch to join Malone Construction.  A company with a storied history (nearly 70 years) of building some of Atlanta’s finest homes not to mention many of the cities most prominent … Read More #Building_forlife / #Maintaining_forlife / #Sustaining_forlife

ICAA / Bobby McAlpine / And, an Amazing Evening ~ The Follow Up…

First, to the Home. Once again, the ICAA knocks it out of the park.  This time with a guest lecture (for members only) by McApline Tankersly’s own Bobby McAlpine.  The location was in a Home of one of his few Atlanta projects.  Even though it’s tucked away in the heart of Buckhead, I’ve driven past it many times and always wanted to check it out first hand.  Before actually … Read More ICAA / Bobby McAlpine / And, an Amazing Evening ~ The Follow Up…

“I Know A Place”

” I Know A Place” Sometimes when I am lost I fall into a kind of trance and as if sleepwalking find myself unconsciously falling toward a place known by few though by some. Its architecture begins long before I get there, for it transcends the physical. Though I go alone, I always carry some one with me perhaps an imaginary friend and wear a … Read More “I Know A Place”

Touches of Blue

So, I’ve been sitting on a post for a while now, but, hadn’t been able to pull it all together.  While watching the events unfold in the news with North Korea, the timing seemed to be right.  What a miserable, pathetic, impotent attempt at proving something to the world. The worst part though was when the “State” run media outlet made the announcement of the failed launch with … Read More Touches of Blue

Topping the Charts

Truthfully, there is not a single word that I could possibly add to this, so, I thought I would just share.    To see more, please visit this remarkable new blog site by   McAlpine Tankersley   Take Care, Kyle

Ahh…The Views!!!

“When we think about the views offered by a home, we are normally referring to exterior views, but carefully designed interior views can also add enormously to the quality and character of a home.” Sarah Susanka The quote above is from Sarah Susanka’s book Home by Design.  I’ve often fallen back on this book when designing a new space because it is just plain … Read More Ahh…The Views!!!

Anything Is Possible

In today’s current real estate condition, one thing remains as true as ever. Location, Location, Location. With home prices hovering at all time lows, people are able to target sought after neighborhoods and communities and take up residence in areas that they have longed to be a part of. And, that is exactly what this homeowner did. With guts, vision and a strong ambition, … Read More Anything Is Possible

Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Craftsmanship

     One of the reasons that I absolutely love our trips to my sisters lake house is that there is so much to take in.  Like many of us who would consider ourselves in the camp of the Home Enthusiast, I  continually find myself drawn to the finer intricacies and details that make a Home so magical.  In this series of brief, blog posts, I wanted to share … Read More Mini Blog ~ Moments from the Lake ~ Craftsmanship

A Beautiful Awakening

     You may actually recognize this one.  I’ve been sharing a few snippets of it along the way.  Maybe I’m just in a blogging frame of mind after taking a week off for vacation, but, I don’t want to refrain from  giving this project its proper attention any longer.  This home is in a prime location off of Paces Ferry Road in one of the most sought after communities in Atlanta.  The … Read More A Beautiful Awakening

How We Should Share…

     I’m not sure if this post should  be categorized under the Well Composed Life tab or the Well Composed Home.  It could easily fall under “Life” because the person who had sent me  this short essay (that I am sharing below) truly embodies the virtues expressed in the story.  This lady came into the life of my family when we were going through a … Read More How We Should Share…

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