Man, these lines have been rolling around in my head all week.

“By Wisdom a House is Built, And Through Understanding it is Established”.
Please know that they are biblical, and yet, I am not trying to push my perspective on anyone.  They are though out of the book of Proverbs and I don’t know if there is a man on the face of the earth who could argue with the teachings that it holds.

So, just think about these lines for a second.  It takes pure wisdom to build a fine home.  I know that there are a lot of hacks out there.  So many so that it actually makes my stomach turn.  There are also; however, some real pros.  Builders who understand the fundamentals.  They realize that you are only as solid as the base from which you start from.  They can trace a point load from a connection in the roof all the way down through the structure to the slab.  They can visualize how an intricately designed detail will eventually come together.  Fully envisioning it all the way back to the roughing in stage.  They understand that a project will live or die on the quality of the budget.  (Direct quote from Bobby Garrett).  They also can navigate the delicate landscape of tension and emotion, force and finesse as they usher the various entities through the process. This takes years of studying and applying.  Years of failing and succeeding.  Years of asking questions.  And what it culminates in is wisdom.  Pure and simple wisdom.  It can not be reached overnight and it sure can not be reached because one has such a big ego that they think they are above the years of practice.  But wisdom, in and of itself, in regards to the success of building a home, is valuable beyond words.

Understanding though.  “Through understanding, it is established”.  This is where Estate Mangement comes in.  Where a coarse is charted for its progression.  This is where a home gains longevity.  Where it comes to prosper.  Only through understanding, deep understanding, of all of the intricate specifics and details that are involved with keeping a home operating in top order can such a home progress to a level that it has become established.  And that should be the goal.  To create a home that is well ordered.  A home that has structure.  There’s a little ol’ truth to life that I have recently had my eyes opened up to.  And that is that freedom can only be achieved in this world through structure.  Our natural instincts (or, at least, mine throughout my early years) was to fight off the structure in order to be free.  To go my own way.  To create my own rules.  And now, as I realize the futility of those efforts, I understand that it is the structure in our lives that frees us and creates the room to experience life’s joys.  Pretty plain and straight forward huh.

Enter knowledge.  The very next verse, Proverbs 24: 4, “through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures”.  All three of these combine to bring out the totality of a home’s beauty.  Each contributes to its collective essence.  But, this skill of curating treasures is a specialty. This takes a tremendous amount of knowledge.  Knowledge of the right pieces. Of well-organized compositions.  Of congruent details.  Thank goodness we have talented better halves and designers who can pull this piece of the puzzle together and truly make a house a Home.  Our Homes. Ones that we can sit back in and enjoy.

Take care and keep Thrivin’





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