Greetings ~ As 2016 is kicking off in fine fashion, I’ve made a few changes in my world.  Essentially, bringing everything into greater alignment. From the building side of things, I have made the switch to join Malone Construction.  A company with a storied history (nearly 70 years) of building some of Atlanta’s finest homes not to mention many of the cities most prominent commercial spaces.  The thing that I appreciate the most though is that, simply put, Malone is focused on just doing things the right way.  And that means building things the right way, taking care of client’s the way that they should be taken care of and servicing the projects for THE LIFE of the structure.

So, we are already #building_forlife and #maintaining_forlife and that brings me to the connecting piece of #sustaining_forlife.  Have you ever driven up to a property and as soon as you turned off of the main road and onto the drive, you immediately noticed that this place was different.  The grounds were impeccable.  Everything was in order.  Well groomed and well taken care of.  As if, a team had been deployed over the past couple of days to create a magnificent presentation, paving the way for your arrival.  The home itself, is striking.  Not only from it’s inherent character and detailing, but also, from it’s presence.  You can tell that the care of the home is of utmost importance to it’s inhabitants.  This is a home of distinction and it should be observed in such a way. Notably a prized jewel.  And then, when you are greeted and you step through the entranceway, your mind is made up. These folks have their act together.  Without a doubt, they have it going on.

Who wouldn’t want that.  That perception and recognition that elevates one to another playing field.  One that is set apart as someone who has cracked the codes of life.  Please, don’t mis-interpret my description here.  I am not simply referring to those of extraordinary means, yet, I am speaking of those who value quality construction (in all product lines), who treasure craftsmanship, who cherish items that will last, who have a plan in place to take care of what they own, who seek out the finer elements to adorn their homes with merely because they are items of beauty and those who, most certainly, establish an estate which will endure.  This is where Estate Management comes in.  Estate management moves one from the realm of basically repairing items as they arise to one where the individual takes a proactive approach in managing the entirety of the estate, always staying ahead of the curve.  This is not a setting where a home will artlessly hold it’s own ground, but, one where it will actually Advance, Thrive and Prosper.  Becoming a property of distinction and indicating it’s owners as among those of high esteem.

Sounds pretty cool, right?  By combining the management tools and programs that are solidly in place here at Malone with the passion, commitment and drive to steward such fine estates, Thrive Partners is devoted to bringing the profession of Estate Management and Staffing to the finest level of execution around. The future is so very bright!

All my Bests,




1 Comment on “#Building_forlife / #Maintaining_forlife / #Sustaining_forlife

  1. Kyle, I really like your thoughts on estate management and staffing. Your idea of actually improving the estate over time – as opposed to simply maintaining it – is a bold and refreshing concept.

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