So, what do you see?  What do you think?

How does this strike you?

Keeping things well under control.

Keeping things well under control.

I have to say, when I first saw this photo, it struck a chord deep within me.  Beauty aside, what a simple statement of order instilled.  Composure.  Such calm.  I love it.  I suppose that there are many angles from which one could view this image. There is that of the flock or that of the loyal team.  The one of a Grand Purpose over humanity would certainly cause someone to pause.  But for me today, it is the image of the man who is in complete control of his space.

This is certainly a guy who’s got it figured out.

On top of his game.

On top of his game.

He is alert.  Perceptive.  He could take off from this post at a moments notice to help someone who has fallen.  Even carry them home.  And then when he returns, everything would be in check.

And then it made me think. As I drive in and around Atlanta, I see the same type of order coming back into play.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say that our economic climate is in any way more stable today than it’s been in passing years. It’s just that we, as a collective group, have adapted to a world swirling of chaos and have chosen to take things into our own hands.  We are reigning in our own personal spheres.  And it is reflected in our communities, in our homes, in the way in that we present ourselves and in the way we treat our fellow man.

Our government wants to tell us that we can not survive without them.  We, as Americans, are showing them how little they actually matter to us.

So, it’s cool.


These photos are courtesy of our paster’s wife.  Our church recently honored them with a trip to Scotland for 20 years of wonderful service.  So for Bob and Kathy, You guys Rock!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thx for all that you are.  For all that you’ve given.  And, for all of your Leadership, your Love and your Insight.

For the rest of us, Keep striving.  Keep outwitting. Turn and give the man behind you a helping hand.  And then, if you have the guts, take it a step further and completely give of yourself, pouring it into your brother or sister to help them reach the life that they had always dreamed of.  With this, we all, as a community, can Thrive.

Here’s to a Life Well Lived.


1 Comment on “Poised for Action

  1. Good job Kyle…..finding order in chaos, keeps everything in balance. Ying to the yang!!

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