Ha ~ This one totally cracked me up.  You know how in my last post, I talked about the elusive masterpieces tucked away on gracious Atlantan Lots.  Architectural gems that are hidden all around town.  Beautifully sculpted dream homes with magnificent detailing designed by abundantly talented artisans. Well, I’ve been intrigued with this one from the road for some time now.




You’d think that this is a gentleman’s farm stuck right in the heart of Buckhead.  Based off of the country feel and the regal barn, what do you suppose the main house will look?


Here we go…rounding the corner and climbing the hill.

Bonneau Ansley Post

Funky at it’s finest.  Nothing Traditional, or Conventional, or Rule Abiding about this one.



Definitely with a style of its own.  Oversized and Quirky.




And then the character just pours on out with every frame.


I happen to love it.  I love that it’s funky.  That the homeowner’s personality is reflected thru and thru.  And, even though it is an architectural free for all, it is Well Composed.  Everything fits.  It all ties together.  And we can see the owner in its presence.  ~Too cool~




Take Care and All My Bests,


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