Hey ~ we’ll get straight to the meat with this one.  It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m having a wonderful time down in Macon, GA.  Enjoying the season with the extended family and soaking in the beautiful weather.  As with a lot of family get-togethers though, some of the conversations have settled in around current events.  All the basic junk that you hear over and over.  Kind of a steady drumbeat of a bleak outlook.  Economic dooms day scenarios, fiscal cliffs, resource depletions, four years of this and the previous four years of that.  A new world where small business owners have little choice but to fire all of their employees, close the doors and move their families (as well as their bank accounts) to a new promising land.  Such discouraging stuff.  You’d think that the glory days of this great country we’re basically over and done with.

Then, I started to contemplate what the future looks like to me.  And, it couldn’t be brighter.  First of all, it’s all in the mindset.

The Herd!

Have you ever heard of a classic little book by Scott Alexander called Rhino Success.  If you haven’t, you need to run out and grab yourself a copy of it today.  These are awesome words to live by.  While most of the world is whining, belly-acheing or complaining, the rhinos of the world are charging on.  They are determined.  Have thick skin.  And, make things happen.  They don’t stand around and let life happen to them.  They take what they are given and find the best way to work through it.  This is perfect for today’s day and age.  And, in reality, this is the view-point of most of the professionals that I interact with day in and day out.

So, here’s a little analogy on how I tend to see things.  (Hang with me on this one).  You know that I like to run so we’re going to have a race theme going.  When the economies of the world began to fall apart, everyone was collectively pulled back together and placed behind a new starting line.  Some folks, who were previously out in front, were now smack dab in the middle.  Some found themselves all the way back toward the rear.  But this was a new race.  And for the most part, a very necessary one.  We, as a nation, as a group, had become a little fat and lazy.  A little gluttonous.  Expecting a lot while delivering the minimum.  It was time to get fit again.  Time to shed those extra pounds and turn lean.  The gun fires and the runners are off.  A massive pack barely moving forward, all the while, straining to find its way.  Some wanted to be there.  A lot of them didn’t.  Before long though, the margins begin to spread.  The gaps begin to widen.  Full strides and strong lungs are making the difference.  And there is a space and a time to run.

In my mind, we could not be living in a more exciting time.  We are stepping into a future of endless possibilities and remarkable growth.  As builders and designers, we are experiencing the resurgence of great projects.  Ones where design reigns supreme and quality has regained its seat at the table.  Shoot, I even have a custom home under construction right now that is not only very cool aesthetically, but, is also targeting Net Zero energy consumption.  Why…because the owner knows what he wants and is determined to live his life under his own terms.  That’s the American way.  We were never a nation dependent on the affairs of our government.  We are independent and will chart our own course.  And that’s good news.

As I reflect during this wonderful season, I feel truly blessed to be with a group that is poised to take advantage of the turning tides of our times.  It’s a great group who is dedicated and determined all the while running on strong legs with a genuine purpose to serve the communities in which we belong.  To learn more about Front Porch Custom Homes, check out our website here.

Or you can watch a video on the 2012 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway project in which we were the Builder by clicking the image below.

HGTV Dream Home Builder

Btw ~ be sure to grab a copy of Rhino Success as well.  If I could get a copy to my entire contacts list, I certainly would.

Rhino Success

Here’s to a prosperous 2013 full of good fortune and success.

All my Bests,


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