The other day I wrote a post about an amazing home that we had a chance to explore and about the conversations that subsequently developed surrounding the “Character” of the home.  How it primarily goes back to the level of thought that is put forward into the formation of the project. As I think about it a little bit more though, there is another piece of the puzzle that is worthy of consideration.  You see, after that evening, a friend of mine sent me a link of a North Carolina Architectural firm, who he has been following, showing off some of their spectacular work.

The firm is Ruard Veltman Architecture and here are a few shots of a carriage house they have under construction up in Charlotte.

Gotta Love A Cool Chimney

A Wonderful Place To Make A Statement

Simply ~ Wow!

I Can’t Wait To See The Finished Product

True Artisans Continuing A Timeless Tradition

Now that is an amazing space.  To me, it has almost a lyrical or musical connotation to it.  I would assume that it certainly captures the persona of the owners.  ~ Design objective achieved ~

And here are a handful of other projects from their portfolio.

Beautiful Estate With Lyrical Elements




Wondrous Comfort

Sublime In Stature

So here’s my point.  The primary source for the character of a home is directly  linked to the bold expression of the individual owners.   In today’s age, transparency rules.  Authenticity is king.  People are living their lives in full disclosure, totally unveiled and in brilliant color.  And I love it.  Because where else can you find such an exemplary place to reveal your true being than in the expression of your home.   If there is one thing that the residential meltdown can be heralded for, it is that it has flushed out all of the posers.  Being a builder, I’ve seen a lot of them.  Folks who came to the closing table supporting an image of who they wanted to be.  Or who they thought they should be.  And not necessarily who they actually were.  Much of the crowd was living a make-believe life, hidden behind a mask.  But ultimately, not going after what they truly wanted deep down inside.  Nowadays, everything has changed.  The “Rules of the Re-sale” no longer follow the same regimented formulas.  We don’t have to live in a series of clone houses just so we maximise our  ROI when we flip.  We’re finding, when done with quality, individuals can be absolutely expressive, unique and yes, certainly bold in crafting their personal abodes.  And, these are spaces that we can be proud of, places that we can relish in and homes that will leave our friends and families talking all the while yearning for an opportunity to come back for another visit.

To see more of Ruard Veltman’s work, check them out on their:




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