Well… all I can say is, I hate it that you missed this one.  What an amazing home to run through.

Evening was falling; and yet, the entire crew was converging fast.  Filled with anticipation.  Darting through Atlanta’s traffic with a single purpose in mind.  I knew that we would have a great turn out, but, I was truly impressed when I turned the corner onto Andrews Drive at 5:58 only to find it already throughly lined.  The only thing more impressive was the stature of the Home with every window lit as it sat in the backdrop of a heavily wooded lot.  Our hosts, the team of Dawn Mullins at Harry Normans, were wonderful.  They took care of everything.  Even providing chauffeuring services, escorting attendees up the lengthy cobblestone driveway.

Having being dropped at the foot of this masterpiece, we began to soak it all in.

Whoa, You Know I Had to Pause Here For a Moment

Before we get going, keep in mind that this home is all about the details.  Windows, Interior Doors, Masonry Work, Mantels;  The craftsmanship was over the top.  And, we were very fortunate to have the architect Laura Depree, the landscape architect John Howard and the homeowners on hand to share with us some amazing stories about a recent renovation to the property.  Beyond that, we were a collection of kindred spirits, delving into the subtleties of the home, admiring and examining all of its fine intricacies.

BTW ~ I Love those little triangular dormer windows up on the roof.  We’ll see more of them in a few.

The Hand Carved Stone Hood Really Stood Out

I guess we always get started in the Kitchen, don’t we.  Did you notice those cabinets flanking the range.  Pretty cool how they mimic the actual appliance.

Another View

There are so many nice touches.  The wall mounted sink faucet, copper sink, cool sconces and the way the cabinetry tucks in nicely under the rooms crown molding.  Then you spin around and…

A Charing Limestone Fireplace in the Breakfast Nook

This just happened to be one of several specially designed and carved fireplace surrounds in the home.

This One Was In The Study

And This One In The Master

Wow ~ a perfectly curved unit.  That’s cool.

And, Here Is The One On The Rear Porch

More Shots Of The Porch

Well Crafted Arches

Massive Granite Facades

If you go back and look at the stone a little closer, you will notice that; not only, are the pieces of cut stone massive, the face of them are actually “pillowed”, providing a sense of greater depth and substance.  Quite the painstaking effort in order to achieve such a special look.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the windows.

Wow ~ All Stone

Beyond the stone, notice the tapered sides, deep sills and leaded mullions.  A common technique that was applied throughout the Home.

Guest Bedroom


Pocket Areas


And Stairwells

Do you know why they used such deep window sills?  A large flat surface like these actually allows the sunlight to bounce off of them and reflect upward illuminating the entire room naturally.

Now ~ how about these interior doors.

I have always said, when setting the budget for your new home, spend money on these.  Most folks will overlook the significance of quality doors, yet, few items will have such a lasting impact.




Making A Statement

Moving to Milwork:

Ultra Cool Railing

Can’t wait to try and incorporate this look in an upcoming project.  Love the Vintage feel.

Uncommon Openings

Cased Opening With An Arch Inside

Now this is rarely seen…an arch tucked inside a typical cased opening changing the whole dynamic of the opening.  Not that expensive to boot.

How about some rooms.

His Closet

Perfection.  You can be sure that I already have this photo saved as inspiration for when I’m transforming my own.  Gun case, computer station, heavy hardware on the built-in doors ~ yep, that works.

Butler’s Pantry

Exercise Room

Kind of hard to avoid this room.

My favorite part of the evening occurred after we had thoroughly explored the place.  Our conversations began to evolve around the character of the Home itself.  Great folks here; those who would be considered experts or top-tier performers from various disciplines, sharing their views about the significance of capturing the character of the home in any project.  Irregardless of size or scale.  Techniques and procedures to pull it off.  And, how these approaches can be brought into the projects we’re working on everyday.  All that is required is thought.  It’s sad to say, but, so often that is the element of the process which is glossed over.

None the less…this evening was a blast and a great time with good friends.  Can’t wait for the next one!

All My Best,


5 Comments on “Highlights From The Home On The Hill

    • Hey Holly,
      Thx for pointing that out. I should have been more clear in noting that the ICAA is absolutely for anyone who shares an interest in fascinating homes. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful group to get involved with.


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  2. Kyle,
    Just stumbled across this. Nice blog and it was a great evening!
    For the record, its ‘DePree’, not Dupree…happens all the time.
    Thanks for posting and see you soon.

    • Hey Laura,

      I am thrilled that you found the site and even more so that you enjoyed the post. I 100% apologize for the misspelling. You know, I knew better; yet, inadvertently goofed it up anyway. Consider it corrected.

      It was great seeing you as well and wish you the very best this holiday season.

      Take Care,

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