Well ~ It’s that time of year.  The holiday season is upon us and a ton of cool events are comin’ down the pipes.  Stay plugged in here and I’ll feed you as many as I can.

Let me start out these postings with one of my favorite groups:  The Insitute of Classical Architecture and Art.

The other week, we had a guest lecture and book signing from the lendendary Gil Schafer at one of Atlanta’s most prominent architect’s personal home.  Instead of going on and on with this one, I think I’ll just shut up and let the photos speak for themselves.


A Ton of My Favorite Folks Were There

The Setting Was Amazing

And The House Rocked

Magnificent Detailings Abound

You know I had to break away and poke around inside.  This one happened to be my favorite room.

The Kitchen

The Entire Ceiling Was Barell Vaulted


Truly Unique

And now this week, we have another exceptional escapade.

Top Notch Home Tour

Join us this Wednesday as we set out to explore this gem!  Hope to see you there.

All My Best,


2 Comments on “Here’s A Twofer

  1. Sadly I missed alot of the house because I had to leave early. Good seeing your pictures. I’ll be there tomorrow.

    • Sounds good James. Their home was well worth exploring. So many cool features and details. I could probably walk thru it over and over , picking up on a new treatment every time. Look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.


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