You know I love architecture.  I live for it.  I suppose that most people get that about me.  (Hopefully, not to the point of bordering on excessive / just to be seen as a genuine passion).  That’s certainly why I do what I do.  Whether restoring an older home back to it’s original beauty or bringing a new one up out of the ground to stand on its own, I love witnessing the nature of the home as it is revealed.  To me, exceptional architecture and design transcends the visual.  It reaches deep down into one’s soul and attaches to the very essence of our being.  It is something that we can connect to and relate to.  It calms us and generates a true heartfelt joy.  When done well, it is something that you feel at the very core of who you are.

That is why when I saw these photos of a project by Castro Design Studio float across Facebook, I knew that I would have to share them.  This Home simply exudes perfection which translates into pure comfort.  I hope you enjoy.

Simply Stunning

Proving that quality design will pay off every time regardless of scope or size.  It’s all about the precision of the details and the orchestration of the elements.  I would  think that you would certainly agree with me that this home exemplifies a wonderfully thought out plan concluding in a meticulously Well Composed Home.

How Inviting

Notice the gently tapering chimney topped with a magnificent cap as it rises over the front gable, the mixture of mutton bar designs, the ultra cool little shed roof subtlely making a statement, the most welcoming entry walk / front porch / and gracious door, the connection of the site walls and the balance of the landscape material.  If this Home were to be built on my street, I would be the first person on their doorstep introducing myself and hoping to get a glimpse inside.  It is that inviting.

Good Morning

How Beautiful is that!!!  Wouldn’t you just love starting off your workday from here.  Or maybe, entering through the massive arched opening on the side and catching the kids for a bowl of cereal before kicking off the slew of Saturday events. The light magnificently flooding into the space instantly elevating your mood.  Perfectly highlighting a finely appointed, balanced and stately kitchen.

Take a Step Back

Classic Castro Design.  The walls to this entry are thickened with matching nooks that picture frame and define the room, setting the tone for the rhythm of balanced elements as your eye is brought into the space.  Talk about an interior view.  This oversized opening effect is so easy to execute and yet so few builders ever incorporate it.  They probably see it as wasted floor space or a lack of value engineering.  For me, the net result just screams substance and in the end endears a true feeling of security.

It’s The Little Things

The first thing that I noticed in this room is the arrangement of the coffered ceiling beams to the fireplace and entertainment center projections.  More common than not, you will find these beams shifted inward so that their outer edges align with the outer edges of the rooms focal point.  Makes sense right?  Not necessarily.  By moving them out, they appear to be wrapping the main features almost embracing them.  A very cool technique.

Flawlessly Tied Together

The other thing you will notice here is the repetitive arch at the fireplace and TV nook.  Keep an eye out for these.  They pop up all throughout the home.

All In The Details

I love how the window seat here has a scrolled toe kick matching the adjoining cabinetry.  Not an expensive treatment, yet, speaks volumes to the level of thought that went into the composition.


And Stately

In these images, you will notice how they mixed up the style of window patterns, yet, keeping the continuity so that they rhythm was not interrupted.  They even picked up the diamond-shaped pattern on the chandelier tieing everything in the room together.  I also can appreciate the oversized panes on the traditional window units which hint to an era that has since passed away.

Ever Been Drawn To A Powder Bathroom?

This technique rocks.  I first learned of it when studying some of the approaches that Sarah Susanka (Creator of The Not So Small House Brainchild) likes to employ when creating a space of interest.  It is “The Light at the end of the Line of Sight”.  Very Cool.  And very easy to execute.  Here we have a transom over the framed mirror literally pulling you into the room. It’s a Law of Nature.  Our human instinct naturally wants us to move toward a source of light.  Making this typically common space very intriguing.

By the way ~ did you pick up on the arch pattern on the front of the vanity?

This Just Works

Simple, Clean, Comfortable.  Yet, here again, well thought out in applying the little details.  Pretty cool how the rug runs nearly wall to wall while stopping just shy of the edge leaving about a 6″ band around the perimeter.

It’s All In The Treatments

And this is just plain easy on the eyes.  Incredibly harmonious.  With the drapes running floor to ceiling, the shades hanging slightly lower, the pictures a touch below those, all encasing the sitting area.  Ley me say that I am in no way an architect or designer myself, I just know when see something that I like.  (Which, when I think about it, is always the aim of great design).  And that is exactly what we have here.  Architecture and interior design coming together.  Each complimenting the other in creating a beautiful composition.

To make this project even more amazing,  I am told that they did not have an interior designer on the project per say.  All of the interior detailings were drafted up by Rodolfo Castro himself while the owner, Lisa Knapp, took care of the decorating.

Ahh..Now that’s just good stuff!  ~ All I can say is Well Done.  Incredibly Well Done.

For more on Castro Design Studio, check them out on their:

Website or Facebook Page

All My Best,


9 Comments on “More Than Words Can Express

  1. Thank you so much for this incredibly kind post Kyle! We had a great time working on the house, and I am so glad it shows. Lisa is a great friend and client, and she did such an amazing job!

  2. Could I love Rodolfo more? No. He is so dang talented. This space is a masterpiece.

  3. I do love window seats. I guess they are the only built-in furniture folks do. They are so unfussy and so inviting even if you don’t sit there. I imagine this one shoulder to shoulder with giggling loved ones.

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