I came across a post today that struck such a chord with me that I felt compelled to share some thoughts on it here.  Ever wonder what it is about those that seem to be at the top of their fields.  Those that have achieved that pinnacle mark and are esteemed above and beyond the majority of their peers.  Those that are striding ahead, even in difficult times, as millions of others appear to be stuck in the mud.  I think you can boil it down to this one singular approach.  Check it out.  That’s it; an Extraordinary Singleness of Purpose.  In short, a  focus on what matters to you.  It’s a shame that we do not spend more time and energy instructing our children on the impact of a focus on purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully support our educators.  My wife is an educator.  Her mother was one.  My mother was one.  Heck, my mom was even the founder and namesake of one of the most respected schools for children with learning disabilities in the state.  Yet, I’m not sure that we go far enough beyond the training of academics to set kids imaginations on fire and then help them chart the course for realizing their dreams. 

All of the greats have had this.  Oprah knew exactly what her picture of success looked like and then she shaped her entire life / career into a model for making that happen.   Adele knew that she had something special and then kept pursuing excellence until the rest of us saw it and began to catch on.  Steve Jobs envisioned a new reality for the world and then dialed it in with laser like focus to be able to present it in a way that would sway the masses.  Tiger Woods had focus…until he started focusing on something else.  And, then there was Michael Jordan who was an amazing example of focus.  Not a star from the get-go.  He had to work hard.  It has been reported that whenever he felt that he was deficient in an area, he would seek out the advise from multiple sources and then work tirelessly to master the element.  I’ve even heard that he had employed the services of as many as five coaches at one time, each working on a different discipline of his career.  Another little fact here ~ immediately after Michael had been named NBA rookie of the year, he went back to one of his college coaches and asked  “what do I need to do to work on my game”?  I love that.  So many guys who find themselves in that position would think that they own the world.  He saw it as only the start, and that he had a lot to learn.  

An Extraordinary Singleness of Purpose.  This is so perfect.  You don’t need to be pursuing “Rock Stardom-ness” to go after this.  What you need is a purpose that resonates.  One where passion and intention when combined with focus can create magical results.  We see this all the time in the lives of people we encounter everyday.  People who are changing the world through bold new approaches with charities.  Entrepreneurs who are starting revolutions by finding like-minded souls to champion their innovative new  ideas.  Or Businessmen / Artisans / Professionals who have chosen to pass on the concept of increasing revenue by ‘becoming all things to all people’ in order to refine their talents and strive for excellence. 

We builders are pretty fortunate.  You see our profession allows us to directly touch the lives of our clients everyday and thus establishing purpose.  Building and guarding the dreams of those who hire us.  Whatever your passion is, pursue it with intention,Let it become your purpose and then Dial it in.  Ramp up the Focus.  Make it your area of excellence.  And, leave the world a better place.

All my Bests,


4 Comments on “Here’s a secret…

  1. Amazing post. It does seem like less people are motivated by passion as opposed to just making money. Its a joy to do something you really love and to make a difference. I am trying to teach this attitude to my 4yr old now.

  2. Hey Joanna,

    It would appear to me that from all of the folks who are coming out on top, they’ve each exhibited extreme focus. You can focus on money and probably gather a lot of it, but, I think it will leave you a little hollow inside. However ~ combine passion with focus {an Extraordinary Singleness of Purpose} and you should be able to capture both happiness and wealth. Great to hear from you though.


  3. You are right in your statement about an extraordinary sense of purpose. I have seen hundreds of LD students achieve great lives. In the process of overcoming their own struggles with learning difficulties, they had to develop a very strong sense of determination to allow them to go for their dream. Without that drive, they couldn’t accomplish any measure of achievement that others respect. Dedication and hard work can take one only so far. Without that extraordinary sense of purpose, the special dreams can nott be realized. I encourage all my students to dream big but only a few become highly driven. Those are the special ones who have a personal sense of purpose. They are motivated, focused and dedicated. They become respected and valued in any and every field of work. I try not to let any LD student think that they can’t achieve that same level of success. Great post though. Loved It!!

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