Greetings All.  You know, one thing that I love to do with this blog is to promote other individuals or entities.  But, I am hesitant to plug just anyone.  You see, this is something that I place a great deal of consideration into.  It is something that I certainly do not take lightly.  From my perspective, they have to be truly worthy.  Truly knocking it out of the park.  True success stories like the fine people featured HERE.  Check ’em out.  And ~ BTW ~ these folks are still hitting home runs.  You literally can not drive 5 minutes around Atlanta without noticing their presence. 

With that said, I recently had the privilege of working with an individual who I subsequently became so impressed with that I felt compelled to give his firm a little spotlight as well.  This gentleman’s company is young, however, I believe that they have all of the makings of an excellent organization.  And it all begins with its ownership. 

Let me back up a bit and paint the picture.  For the past couple of months, I have been helping out with the AVI Marvin Window and Door team in creating a stage set for the Next Cool Event that showcased this past weekend.  Our set was the second largest space on the floor and we chose to transform it into an outdoor garden.  Quite an audacious task. 

We kind of knew what we wanted it to look like or should I say feel like, yet, we needed someone to come in and develop the vision.

  Enter Jelani Linder.

Early On Planning Session

Immediately, he came onto the scene with passion and enthusiasm. Excited to be a part of the team.  In and of itself, this is not a terribly tremendous feat.  After all, in today’s world, there are tons of enterprising folks who are aggressive and eager.  However, there was something different here and I began to take notice.  Jelani brought a little something extra to the table.  He wanted to win.  He wanted our exhibit to truly be the shining jewel of the entire evening.

Conceptual Rendering

So the plan began to unfold.  And, as the vision expanded and our imaginations took off, the magnitude and extent of the endeavor began to grow as well ~ I mean Exponentially Grow~.  And guess what, yep, the brunt of the expense to cover the details fell in the bucket of the landscaper.  Jelani reached out to his industry partners over at Buck Jones Nursery and they stepped it up big time.  I can only imagine that this would not have happened without the valued relationship that these organizations share.

Final Set

"Bird Girl" by Mitch Mitton

 Jelani worked tirelessly, tweaking every last little detail.  But, here’s where the real story begins.  The “load In” portion of the setup was on a very tight timeframe.  We had to get in and really hump it to get everything done.  The logistics and coordination were nothing short of extreme.  Heather Elsberry with AVI was the true maestro here.  She had everything down to a “T”.  However, as with every well thought out plan, we ran into unexpected events.  All of us were making mad dashes to the supply houses.  But, no-one seemed to take as many hits as Jelnai (after all, he had the bulk of the project).  With his material budget appearing to be doubling as the clock was ticking, he didn’t flinch one bit.  Not even the slightest balk.  He was committed to fulfilling his obligation.  Then, as we were putting the final touches on the exhibit set, with mere hours to go before the main event, Jelani realized that he had somehow lost his wedding band.  He searched for hours.  Backtracking his steps.  Sifting through hundreds of plantings.  Going through the stacks of discarded supplies.  All to no avail.  Time had expired.  He needed to race home to get cleaned up and pick up his wife and family for the evening festivities.  As they were loading up to return, lo and behold his truck wouldn’t start.  (new truck to boot).  If it wasn’t bad enough that it wouldn’t start, it was blocking his wife’s car that was still in the garage.  They had to push it off to the side to get hers out.

When Jelani arrived, just as the hall was starting to fill up, he was all smiles.  Welcoming everyone who entered our space. 

A True Professional.

One final note.  The traffic was rough that evening.  It took my wife and I forever to get parked.  The first lot was full so we ended up down the road waiting for a shuttle to bring us back.  It was cold and raining, and my wife was shivering in her little black evening dress as we stood in line waiting for the bus.  Behind us, the kindest stranger spoke up offering my wife her coat.  We declined, but, I was taken back.  You just don’t see much of that these days. When we entered the exhibit hall and found our group at the “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” set, introductions went all around.  Jelani kindly introduced me to his wife, his mother and ~ guess who ~ the gracious lady who was behind us in line…his mother-in-law.  I guess it just runs in the family.  These are without a doubt, good folks, and thus, I have no problem referring them out to all of my friends and family.

In a world where contractors seem to be selected entirely off of price, I’m here to advocate a different approach.  Nothing new.  In fact, I would call it a time-tested metric.  One where we go back to evaluating and selecting our providers of services off of character.  You see, a man or woman of character will always price his work fairly, because, he values You as his customer.  He values his employees and their families.  And, he values the health and well-being of his company.

If you would like to find out more about the company, go to J. Linder Design and Consultants.                                           

To find out more about the individual, invite him out to look over your next project.

All my Best


3 Comments on “The Mark of a Professional

  1. Thank you so much Kyle for being a part of our AVI Marvin “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil set and exhibit. We had the best team! I’m hoping that we can all work together again soon.

  2. It’s always nice to come across people who care more about thecl customer than themselves. Ive always believed that we should “treat others the way we want to be treated”. Beautiful exhibit- very well done!

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