Man, I can’t wait for spring.  This past Saturday morning I wanted to go for a run, too cold.  I thought about working in the yard or washing the car.  Again, too cold.  But, what I really wanted to do was to attend an architectural lecture presented by the ICA&A and held at “The Little Chapel”.  However, I had already decided to pass on this opportunity so that I could help out in the neighborhood with a work party for our tennis group.  Then, that was canceled due to…you guessed it.  Too darn cold. 

So, while I was stuck inside, I thought I would get back to the Well Composed Home.

Certainly there are a ton of exciting things happening around the Trewin Homes camp, and for the true home enthusiast, this is all great stuff. 



Domed Ceilings

However, most of our current projects are in the front-end stages and I’m sure that the majority of you guys are not as facinated as I am with intricate framing details.  With that being the case, my thoughts began to shift to what truly makes up a Well Composed Home.  As it happens to be, it is impossible to achieve a well composed home without first working out the details of a well composed life.  While the economic downturn has served up its fair share of low (below-the-belt) punches, this recovery period is quite refreshing.  And yes, the recovery is underway.  It may not be felt across all fields or income  brackets yet, but, the signs of new life are certainly abounding.  My new year has started out magnificently which is so welcoming after the long climb that we’ve been on.  With that, as tough as it’s been, I am truly thankful for these invaluable lessons that have been handed down through the natural cause of events over the past couple of years.  We have a new perspective on life and what’s really important.

Stuff like:

Responsibility reigns

Maturity matters

Faith is huge

Relationships are precious

Community is at the heart


Family will always be the highest priority

So this year I’m looking at things a little differently.  From here on out, I want to focus on experiences.  Both with family and friends.  My birhtday recently passed and I switched it up a bit by telling my kids that, in lieu of things, I would rather do something with each of them individually.  My oldest son chose a movie, my daughter chose bowling and my youngest son chose a hike up the Amicalola falls.  I couldn’t think of better presents.  Friday night, I went with my daughter to a Father/Daughter dance.  Probably the last one we will ever have together.  It was a Blast.  And, Saturday night, after pizza and a crazy dessert concoction, we spread out on the floor in front of the fireplace and played a marathon game of (ironically) “Life”. 

When you boil it down.  The “Home” is so much more than a series of well-orchestrated architectural elements,  carefully designed details or the arrangement of fine furnishings.  The Home is where the soul of the family resides.  It is a place that comforts and restores.  A place that strengthens and encourages.  It is a place that we must be diligent to preserve. 

“Families should be havens of love and enjoyment.  Homes should be places of peace and purpose.  But great homes don’t just happen.  They are gardens that need to be intentionally cultivated and guarded”.

I’m sure you’ve heard the media and the other powers to be tell us that the home no longer carries the same level of value for the American citizen.  They’re trying to convince everyone that it is no longer worth investing in.  That it is a commodity and that we shouldn’t elevate it to anything above that.  I have to believe that this is one of the biggest lies out there today.  I feel that if we lose sight of the all-encompassing power of the home, if we fail to perform our duties of maintaining and developing the character of the home and if we negate the value that it brings to enriching our lives than we run the risk of weakening the foundation of the family.  But, just like the fortitude and courage of the American citizen, you can’t keep the meaning of the American Home down either.

Anyway, back to my focus on living life to its fullest and seeking out experiences that will leave lasting impressions.  Next weekend my wife and I will be heading out to “The Next Cool Event” .  Check it out if you’re up to an evening that will absolutely blow you away.  I will be burning the midnight oil all week as I help out the AVI Marvin Window team put the finishing touches on our set themed “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” 

"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"

 See you there!All My Best ~Kyle

5 Comments on “The Soul of the Home

  1. We were wondering where you were. It was perfect weather for Palladio and Jefferson. It was over all too quickly. I did a tiny blog about it this morning. Mark you calendar for next year.

    “The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.”

    • Hey Terry,

      Glad to hear the lecture was a hit. It kills me that I couldn’t attend. I just felt that I ought to help out in the hood and lend a hand there. Then, low and behold, they cancel due to weather. Snookered!

      Catch you at the next one.


  2. I’m digging the cupolas and definitely agree that homes are worth investing in.

    Hope you’re doing well.

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