As you may know, I’ve been knee-deep in getting situated with the new company and all.  And, it’s been a blast.  I suppose that last Friday would mark the completion of my first full week on the job.  While driving home, enjoying the gorgeous Atlanta afternoon, the iPhone playlist pulled up an all-time old favorite.  A live version of Rod Stewart’s Maggie May.  Yeah, I know this songs been played to death.  However, this was a version from Rod before he morphed into something else.  Before others got a hold of things and told him who he needed to be.  This was from a time when he was real, authentic and genuine.  And, what he had going just seemed to click.  The best part comes when, without any coaxing, the audience steps  in and begins to take over the song.  With a slight chuckle, Rod pulls back and then follows with an approving  “Now we’re singing”.  What was then created was a perfect composition.

So, how does this relate to anything?  Well, one of the things that I am most excited about with this career move has been the involvement with some incredible compositions.  After all, each of us has our own form of art and mine just happens to be in the crafting of fine homes.  But, unlike some other creative endeavors, one can not accomplish this alone.  The first home that I am apart of with Trewin is actually coming up out of the ground as we speak.  Last week, I wrote a quick post about our framer and what a truly talented craftsman he is.  However, he will be the first one to tell you that his work is only as strong as the quality and caliper of the plans that he is working from.  This has been my argument for the longest time.  Too many times in the past, I have witnessed builders who will restrict the extent to which a set of plans can be developed only to come back and bitch and moan whenever anything is found to be unclear, or worse yet, wrong and in need of being re-built.   What’s left…the inevitable fight over who is at fault and who has to pay. 

That is not the case with this one though.  TS Adams Studio is the Architectural Firm that has developed the plans for this spectacular home and they are impressive.  I have been a fan of their work for a long time now and as you can see from the photo below – It’s pretty easy to be one.

From the Portfolio of TS Adams Studio

Even though we are only about mid-way through the framing of ours, things are really starting to take shape.  The interior views are wonderful.  The scale of the individual spaces have a perfect feel about them.  There are exciting elements around every turn.  And, the connections to the outdoor features are going to be amazing.  From a construction point of view, the assembly has gone together considerably well.  Even though the plan itself is quite complex, our drawings (nearly 60 pages) are extremely detailed and consistent.  Not only do they thoroughly covey the architectural vision and the structural necessities, but they also express the intent of all of the finish details as well.  I literally can’t wait to share these with you, but, I do think that it would be best to hold off for a bit until we are a little further along.  Here we are at this point.

Trewin Homes Custom Project

Planters is the Landscape Architectural Firm involved on the project and I can honestly say that this home will be wrapped in style.  Following the lead of architectural plans, they have oriented the pool to be centered along the main front to back axis of the home.  In other words, when you enter through the front entry, your view will be pulled through the foyer, into the living room, out through the oversized french doors, across the length of the pool and resting upon a backdrop of a sheer, cascading waterfall.  Other landscape / hardscape elements include an outdoor dining space, covered porch with fireplace, grilling porch, garden walls, fountain and vegetable garden.  In case you haven’t looked into Planters, you need to check them out.

From the Portfolio of Planters

Next week, we will continue the collaboration with other design professionals as we finalize the lighting plan, work through the low voltage scheme and put the finishing touches on the plumbing order.

From my perspective, a truly magnificent home is beginning to take form.  And it was all started from a clear and concise architectural vision.  One that has been meticulously expressed through a well prepared set of detailed drawings.  One that sets the tone for the other professionals to take their cue from and carry forward the design intent of the Home.  One where everything begins to click.  It will be a home that definitely reflects the true personality of the owners.  One that is genuine.  One that is balanced, harmonious and coherent.  And certainly one that will be fun to build.

Hope everyone has a tremendous 2012!

Take Care,


6 Comments on “Now We’re Singing

  1. Good stuff. There is a cool new TS Adams finishing up off of Paces Ferry. It’s an English style house with nice gardens and a greenhouse to boot.

    I noticed what appears to be a slate roof in the example elevation. I’m looking forward to progress updates and perhaps a hint as to where one can partake in a little architectural tourism.

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