Greetings and Happy New Year! 

I apologize for being so slack on this site over the past couple of weeks.  But, to my defense, I’ve been a little busy lately.  With the holidays, visiting family and landing a new job and all; it’s been crazy.  In case you haven’t heard, I joined on with Trewin Homes about two weeks ago and am having the time of my life learning the ‘ins and outs’ of the projects that they currently have underway. 

The other day I was out at one of the sites chatting it up with the framer while having lunch on a stack of lumber (always one of my favorite locales) when our conversations turned to a shared passion that we have for really cool architectural projects.  He immediately broke out his iphone and started scrolling through an array of impressive pieces of work. 

This one stopped me cold in my tracks.

Heppner / Hip and Valley Project

Heppner / Hip and Valley Project

This beaut happens to be one designed by none other than Bradley E. Heppner Architecture.  And, while Brad’s talent is undoubtedly through the roof, I wanted to take a moment and shine the spotlight on our framer Greg Fry, owner of Hip and Valley, Inc.  So often, we send all of the recognition for such grand projects out to the architect and/or sometimes the builder, but rarely do we give even a mention to the masters of the individual trades who contribute so much to the overall outcome.

Whoa…a free-standing, site built, curved staircase.  You may not realize this, but, these are incredibly challenging to layout and construct.

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

And how about this bell-shaped dome with a skylight!

From the Portfolio of Hip and Valley, Inc.

Notice the curved profile cut into each individual rafter.

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

A cascade of groin vaults.

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

Witch’s Hat 


From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

 Radius Dormers

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.


 Half Radius Wall with a Curved Window

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

Full Dome

And my Favorite!

From the Portfolio of Hip & Valley, Inc.

While this one is definitely not the most extravagant of all of the examples, I love it because it represents how a simple, well thought out and executed, design detail can leave a lasting impact on the shape of the Home.  I could literally stand in the yard and marvel at this one element everyday.    

You know, there are honestly gobs and gobs of contracting outfits turning construction projects into cash everyday, but, very few of them actually see their work as a personal form of artistry.  I truly feel blessed to be associated with individuals that do and look forward to each day that I have to get out there and help craft something as spectacular as these.

Take Care and Here’s to a Wonderful 2012,


5 Comments on “Unsung Masters

  1. We enjoy your blog. The framing photos are lovely and they show the complexity of what’s on paper and turning it into something real. Not an easy task.

  2. Pictures 1, 2, 3 and 6 are a home built by Benecki Homes. We had a great time working with Brad Heppner and Hip & Valley did a great job of framing for us. They are both masters of their trade We haven’t put this home on our portfolio page yet, but hope to get that done soon.

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