If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out this really exceptional post by Limestone and Boxwoods.  In it, James has done a phenomenal job in illustrating how impactful a design detail like fluting can be when crafting a genuinely magnificent Home.  I am truly appreciative to not only the viewpoint; but also, the level of observation.  Yet, even as good as this piece is,  I wanted to share with you one of the architectural firms that he had highlighted in the blog.  What an amazing perspective on the nature of the home and the relevance that it holds in each of our hearts.

This depiction of the essence of a Home sums up my sentiment in a way that I would have never been able to articulate on my own. 

Bates Corkern Studio


From the Portfolio of Bates Corkern Studio


“We dwell in our home and our home dwells in us.  It lingers with us when we leave.  Beckons when we’re weary.  It is a place that gives us comfort and ease.  Home is the one place where we can simply be.  Where we can find our way in the dark.  Where we can identify the sounds of our children’s bare feet on the floorboards, trace the same patch of sunlight across the dining room wall–from spring through the coming winter.  A place that evolves with us in our journey, burnished with the patina of memories.  It’s a place we create to suit ourselves.  To envelope ourselves in the artifacts of our lives and dreams.  To share ourselves with family and friends.  To cherish the past while it resides alongside the present.  It’s the spot from which to look out upon the world.  A place to return to.  Where all our roads eventually lead.  Home.”

~bates corkern studio


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