The other night, I had the privilege of attending an absolutely amazing event.  Beacham and Company had a Reveal Party for the latest edition of their publication called “The Series” coupled with a celebration of their 5 year anniversary.  If you’re not Following these guys, you have too.  If you’re not a Fan yet of the company, go check them out.  There is no way that you could walk away without becoming one.  They are literally lighting  Atlanta on fire and it is just plain fun to watch. 

#1 Fastest Growing Office In Buckhead, Ansley Park, Brookhaven, Morningside/Virginia-Highland/Midtown, and Sandy Springs



#1 Fastest Growing Company in Metro Atlanta 


Umh yeah…What more can I say.  Simply put – they are Crushing It. 

Anyway, the event was held at this Home located off of Tuxedo Road; tucked in between Powers Ferry Road, Northside Drive and Blackland.  It is one of only four Homes in the Atlanta area designed by Bobby McAlpine of McAlpine Tankersley ArchitectureBonner Custom Homes took care of the construction.  Needless to say, they had a wonderful turn out as people flocked to the viewing.  And who wouldn’t want to be a part of this.  I was lucky enough to explore this gem with fellow design enthusiasts and bloggers Terry of Architecture Tourist and James of Limestone and Boxwoods.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

This is the path leading up to the Home.  In typical McAlpine fashion, the front door is hidden from main view.  After stepping up onto the elevated wrap around  patio, you turn to the left and find the entry.  Such a nice touch in creating a warm and inviting approach.

Here is the Side View.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 The Pool and Equipment House.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 Looking back from the Pool.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 And a Gracious Sitting Porch.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

Check out this Sun Deck over the Side Porch.   

Photography Provided by Terry Kearns

Now, let’s take a look at the details.  After all, it’s the details that truly set this Home apart.

I absolutely Love the chimney design.  The chase is set to replicate cut limestone and the capital picks up on characteristics of the cornice line – only stronger.

Photograph Provided by Terry Kearns

Those shutters are just crazy cool.  I also love the fixed door panels with the extra tall transoms, the built-up cornice constructed from hard coat stucco and even the soffit venting detail.

Photography Provided by Terry Kearns

Beautifully Sculpted Balconies.  For me, there is a connection that is made here between the gentle curve of the support structure and the statement that is made with the chimney. Not only providing the building character, but also, substantiating its integrity.

Photography Provided by Terry Kearns

And here is my favorite part.  Another signature item of Bobby McAlpine which  is the oversized entry door.  This element reminds me of a time forgotten when good friends used to visit regularly by way of the side door.  When you employ a doorway like this, there is absolutely nothing hidden from the guest.

Photography Provided by Terry Kearns

Here we have the entry foyer.  Notice how they repeated the hand chiseled limestone surround treatment on the backside of the doorway.  Very cool.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

What a magnificent room.  The floor to ceiling window / door units set the tone for the entire space.  While the stained finish on the ceiling keeps the place from feeling too massive.  Virtually everyone that I spoke with commented on how comfortable each and every room felt regardless of size.  The key to pulling this off is ceiling heights, but, very few out there have mastered the discipline.  Judging by this Home though, I think Bobby has got it down.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

A view from every angle. 

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

Now speaking of views, that’s Incredible.  The columns and staircase stole the show and were certainly the conversation piece of the whole night.  They are located at the center point of the Home where all of the destinations branch off in every direction. 

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

McAlpine = Boldness

I was shocked, stunned and thrilled when I realized that these massive columns did not even connect to the ceiling as one would anticipate.  That was completely unexpected, but, rather fascinating.  That’s why I Love what they do.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 The Kitchen is the perfect blend of old and new…

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 Vintage and modern.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

 Notice the sun deck on the opposite side of those gorgeous french doors.  I’m not sure if I would find the morning or the evening on the deck more inviting here.

Photography by Beacham and Company Realtors

Yet another Beautiful fireplace.  Great combination of carved wood and cut stone.  As always, it all goes back to the composition.

What a spectacular event.  Graciousness was expressed through every detail.  From the hospitality, to the catering, to the entertainment – they even had the band Whiskey Gentry playing off to the side.  As much as I thoroughly enjoyed touring this Home, and viewing the work of  Beacham and Company, McAlpine Tankersley and Bonner Custom Homes, the event was truly set apart in a league of its own by the caliper of people in attendance.  Thx to everyone for granting me this remarkable experience.

Awesome Night, Awesome Group of Folks, Wonderful Evening.




11 Comments on “Why I Love “This World”!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! What a fantastic review of the party and an amazing house! I am so honored to have met you! We loved having you attend. Thank you, and you will for sure be invited to the next one!

    • Hands down ~ that was the best event that I have attended in many months. It is a thrill to watch you guys succeed and have such a fun time along the way.

      All my best,

    • Not a problem at all ~ There was a tremendous turn out and Beacham & Co. were absolutely wonderful hosts. We just love your work and relish the opportunity to view them in person.

      Keep it coming,

  2. The pictures are more fun after being there. I’m ready to return for a closer look. Thanks for the post.

  3. I’m noticing all the ceiling cans. Cans are one of the very few things designers are allowed to criticize on blogs these days. I have 33 cans in my house and would like a few more. So I’m enjoying this. How else would one read in those chairs in the Master?

    • Your absolutely right. I had not picked up on all of them. For the longest time, I have been a champion for the well thought lighting plan, but, so often this part of the puzzle is given very little thought. (until after the fact and it is too late). Sounds like a great topic for a future post. I believe I will have to bring in a lighting guru for perspective though.

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