Can anyone tell me who designed / built this one?  It has always been a Gem on the Burton shoreline.  We would pass it on our way to Anchorage Marina and I would sit back and relish in its splendor.  The way it sits out on the point in the noblest of fashion.  With an air of stateliness, elegance and just plain striking beauty. 


And then the storm came.  As you recall, a tornado rolled through this region in the early spring wreaking havoc on everything in its path.  Somehow, this one remained.  I bet you luck played a huge part in this, but, something has got to be said to level in which the Home was designed and constructed in the first place.


You see, the twister came screaming across the main channel right here and this was its first point of impact.  The two Homes to the left were completely wiped out and the third needs heavy re-construction work done.  To the right, a string of 15 to 20 were all hit in a row.  It is amazing how well this one held together.  I guess the tornado could have bounced up in the air after initial contact and completely hopped over it, but, the damage is incredibly so minor compared to the neighboring ones.

Just Stunned

It may be luck…but that’s what I call exceptional Building!  So glad we still have Her.

If you have any idea as to the Architect and/or Builder, Please comment below.  I’d Love to know.




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