Man ‘o man, this has been a ridiculously crazy week.  Sorry for being a little slack with the posts, it’s just been a scramble to get everything done between work and family.  With that being said, as I begin to decompress, my mind transcends to a better place.  And the cool evening breezes are helping me get there.  I suppose that with the changing of the seasons, everyone has got their sights set on the mountains.  I’m no different.  Its kinda crazy, but, as I’ve gotten a little older, my favorite times of year have definitely switched from summer and winter to spring and fall.  And, even though I do love destinations like Ashville, Cashiers or Highlands, North Carolina, my favorite place to settle in would still be Lake Burton, Georgia.  I know, most people are streaming to the lake in droves as soon as the weather starts to warm; however, I prefer it in the cool, crisp autumn air.  To me, this is a place of pure serenity.  One of utter majesty.  And one of wonderful memories.  While, I have trouble remembering how a conversation went 3 weeks ago, I can still recall in absolute clarity kayaking across the lake at 9 years old with my best friend as we had our vision set on the mountain rising up from the opposite bank.  The goal for the day, climb to the top and conquer it.  The unexpected surprise; that 7’ long monster of a snake that almost got me while I was scaling a rock face.  After springing off of the rock and rolling half way down the hill, we had one heck of a good laugh about it.  Ahh…good times.

Now, I’m in my forties and I still love to explore the lake.  I just go about it a little differently these days.  One of my favorite activities of all time is to stroll around the lake (primarily by boat) and lean back to take in all of the sights.  The Homes here are truly magnificent.  At first glance, you would probably think that the lake is populated entirely with over-the-top mansions.   However, with a little closer examination, you will begin to notice the tremendous amount genuine jewels tucked away in all of the nooks and crannies.  Regardless of size, these homes carry with themselves remarkable character and detail.  It is a visual tapestry of architectural artistry that would delight the most faithful Home enthusiast.

In keeping with the style of this site, I would like to take a few moments here and shine the light on someone who’s work I have admired for some time.  Todd Pritchett was one of the first architects that I started to follow, not only for his strong presence in Atlanta, but also because of his body of work around the lake.  He actually grew up in the area and seems to possess a unique connection to the territory.  I think that  it is this deeply ingrained affinity that resonates in his projects and allows them to blend in so effortlessly with the surroundings.

From the Portfolio of Todd Pritchett Design Studio

From the Portfolio of Todd Pritchett Design Studio


From the Portfolio of Todd Pritchett Design Studio


From the Portfolio of Todd Pritchett Design Studio

While each of these homes are nothing less than inspirational, this one has to be my absolute favorite.

From the Portfolio of Todd Pritchett Design Studio

I Love the deep overhangs, heavy brackets and observation tower.  The metal roof, symmetrical chimneys and the timber beams.  But, most of all, I Love the window patterns.  The mixture is perfect.  Sometimes people think that you have to go big to make an impact.  Not so.  Check out the tiny one on the upper level to the right.  How about the balance in size with those in the roof top perch.  And the stair stepped units as they wrap the top left corner.  Phenomenal!
To see more of their work, please visit the Todd Pritchett Design Studio Website.  You’ll be glad you did.
Oh…just one thing before I check out, What do you think Sis?  Feel like another trip up.   A  long weekender?  Mom says she’s in.

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