I guess you’ve figured it out by now that I love to spotlight really cool projects whenever I come across them.  With that said, hats off to Tim Odom of Kitchen + Bath Artisans.  He recently picked up an NKBA Calla award;  For Kitchen Design of the Year, with this one.  And it is Remarkable.  Tim happens to be one of my favorite designers and his projects never fail to impress.  In fact, we recently had a kitchen that was a joint collaboration on the NARI tour of  homes and, the most common statement that we heard over the course of the day was that the level of style was unbelievable.  If you’d like to check out a previous post that I ran on that one a few of months ago, you can click here.  But, on with this one.  For me, It’s all about the composition and here we have a shining example that illustrates this perfectly.


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


Tons of great stuff here…where should I begin?  Let me start with the obvious.  I am a huge fan of “interior views ” and this kitchen has them from multiple angles. First of all, we have that beautiful window.   Don’t you just love how it has the ability to pull you through the entire room.  I find myself being drawn to its light while slowly taking in all of the layers of detail along the way.  One thing to notice here is how consistent the subtle arch of the window unit is with shape of the arch on the decorative hood.  Pretty cool huh.  The arched transom was actually custom-made to fit on top of an existing triple window and then coordinated into the design of the hood. 


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


Now we have the view from the keeping room which captures the full breadth of the range wall.  Talk about a focal point.  Of course the custom stone hood assumes the lead role by taking its place of prominence.  However, there a number of supporting features.  One of the first things that I pick up on is the use of color as we have a complimentary play with the engagement of light and dark elements.  From the rich wood counter top, to the deep swirls in the marble slab backsplash, to the dark inlays in the cabinet doors,  to the stark white accent tile and finally to the black shades on the stylish sconce lights.  Everything exists in harmony.  And while we’re here, how about the lighting scheme?  Those pendant lights over the island are incredible.  Tim selected all of the fixtures for the project and did a magnificent job with it.  If I may give my 2 cents here, please spend some time seeking out expert advise when it comes to putting together the lighting package for your project.  Commit time to it.  Commit dollars to it.  A well thought out lighting plan will far exceed the expenditure and you will be reminded of how pleasing it can be every time you enter the space.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans


One of my favorite portions of the kitchen is this feature wall.   Notice how the entire section from the full height pantry on the right to the far end of the cabinets on the left is treated like its own ensemble.  The base of the cabinets are set apart with some extra wide sculpted feet.  The marble goes from edge to edge.  The upper cabinets are supported by decorative corbels.  All of this allowing for the vintage La Cornue range to take center stage.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

And now for the finer stylings.  I love the built up cornice on the cabinetry with the extra tall cove crown molding; creating the visual connection to the ceiling.  The approach of installing the 3 x 6 brick tile on a herringbone pattern; providing just the right amount of sophistication.  The use of the tall, slender sconce lights which are  in a polished nickel; bringing the elegance.  And then back lighting the upper cabinets generating the bonus sense of ambiance. 

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Check out the Dupont Edge cut on the marble slab as it ties in with the tile work.   Marble Backsplash Provided by Marmi Natural Stone.


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

The plumbing fixtures are wonderful as well.  They are all from the Annapolis collection by Waterstone.  Notice the dual faucets on the prep sink.  The larger one is of course your primary piece while the smaller one is for Instant Hot and Chilled water.  Great set up.  Plus I love the Carribean Bronze finish with the squared-off black sink.  And, you can’t have a range of that caliper without including a pot filler.  It is so frustrating to me, but, I can’t tell you how many times we start off the project with a pot filler in the scope only to have it get whacked when the budget becomes tight. 


From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Ahh the Details…from the hands of Artisans!  Walnut island top provided by J Aaron.

I’ve got to get one of these for my house. 

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Over in the main work area of the kitchen, we have a truly unique faucet and farm sink.  And, you may not realize this, but, the microwave is tucked behind the pull up cabinet door.  Very innovative.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

What a great choice with the soap stone on the perimeter cabinets.  I love the color and check out the nice detail cut on the corner.  It’s always the little things that add up when you are creating a fascinating project.  Conversely, it’s always the little things that are lacking when one falls flat.

Soap stone also provided by Marmi Natural Stone.

From the Portfolio of Kitchen + Bath Artisans

There are so many conversation pieces in this spectacular kitchen.  Material and fixture selections were certainly spot on.  Beautiful cabinetry and luxury appliance definitely lent a hand.  But, I believe that it is how All of these elements are woven together that creates a composition of such exceptional quality.  For me, this project is a tremendous blend of casual yet elegant; vintage yet current.  Well Composed / Well Done Tim. 

To see more of Tim Odom and Kitchen + Bath Artisans work, check out kitchenbathartisans.com or Facebook / Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Take Care,


4 Comments on “Well Worth the Accolades

    • My pleasure Tim. It’s pretty easy writing about a project when there is such incredible detailing like this to work with. Congrats on the Calla win.

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