You know what… I love Twitter.  It’s crazy to say and I know that there was a time when you would have never heard me utter such a thing.  But, let me try to explain.  To me, the design world is incredible and the local talent here in Atlanta is through the roof.  As it happens to be, Twitter has proven itself to be the quickest and easiest way to share ones work and/or that of others who truly stand out.  I can scroll through and peruse at a very fast clip.  Then, when something peaks my interests, I will slow down and click through further.  Every once in a while though, one will catch my eye and just stop me cold in my tracks.  Floored.  That is exactly what happened the other day when Spitzmiller and Norris flashed a single image of this past project.

From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.

I can’t believe that I had not landed on this one before.  Talk about composition; I am absolutely blown away.  Please click on the image above to enlarge and get a closer view.  Notice how the Home itself is just so incredibly balanced.  I believe that it all  began with the original setting of the foundation.  I love how the main floor is slightly elevated so that the approach to this fabulous back yard is initiated with a gradual decent down three gentle steps.  From there we begin to pick up on the continuity of elements and proportions.  The two wings that extend back toward the pool are equal in scale, yet, each have their own identity.  The matching french doors provide the connection while their shapes offer up the uniqueness.  One room is squared off while the other is clipped like a bay.  Even though these layouts are different, the roof styles remain consistent.  Before we leave the windows and doors, notice how the pattern of the arched  french door is repeated in the detailing of the heavy timber on the left.  Also, I think it is so cool how the correlating windows emulate the look of the french doors by extending the paneled section down to the finished floor height.  Moving up the elevation, I love the simple approach of placing the angled gable vents directly into the main body of the roof.  I have not seen this look anywhere other than on Spitzmiller and Norris projects.  Speaking of Signature elements though, I would be remiss if I did not talk about those magnificent chimneys.  Needless to say, I am a sucker for creative chimney designs and Spitzmiller and Norris have certainly become known for their masterful collection.  This case is no exception.  The Home is perfectly balanced from the two, equally sized, side chimneys.  Interest is added into the equation when they are split half way up, rotated and transformed into two separate flues.  Talk about character.  A plain chimney chase wouldn’t have nearly had the same effect.  But here is what I really Love.  The central chimney’s placement is absolutely critical.  Because the mass of the second story room is shaded heavily to the right, the chimney brings the Home back into balance by countering this issue with visual weight.  Integrity maintained.

From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.

What a cozy little abode.  Some of the things that I love with this pool house are:  The combination of the soft hue of the brick and the warm nature of the wood that makes for a very inviting space.  The minimal approach that was taken with the entry door which creates the perfect statement for the structure.  (In this case, the theory of less is more is played out in real life.)  And, in keeping with the main Home, the sweeping parapet wall and heavy column with finial provide the sense of balance to the building as a whole.  A perfect, complimentary, auxiliary building.  Well Done!

From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.

Now we turn our sights to the front elevation which is every bit as impressive.  The level of detail and personality that is brought into the project speaks volumes to its character.  It is definitely a class act. Yet, as refined and sophisticated as this Home is, I can not help but take in its casual nature as well.  By placing the stepping-stones in a bed of gravel, I feel my mood instantly begin to lighten.   The arched doors recessed back into the entry alcove introduce us to the shelter while  the wrought iron railings on the Juliet Balconies reach out in a welcoming fashion.

From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.


The front facade as a whole is an exquisite configuration.  Well proportioned, symmetrical, complimentary and very stately.  Don’t you love how the dormer in the center relates to the two that are on either side and yet it  has an identity entirely of its own.  The decorative brick work and extra tall french doors are also a very nice touch.  But, just when you think you’ve seen it all.  Check out the garage on the right.  The flat roof was a total surprise.   However, it turned out to be absolutely crucial as it minimizes the effect of the garage from blocking the view of the main Home.


From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.


So, in keeping with my opening thoughts on Twitter.  I truly view it as the Thank You Platform.  On any given day, you will find professionals generously sharing fascinating pieces of work as they strive to promote and champion those pursuits of their own, their co-collaborators and their colleagues.  From there, hundreds of TY’s are generated out of  genuine gratitude and a really cool community is created. 

I just wanted to take a moment here and simply thank Rick Spitzmiller, Robert Norris and the entire team for sharing and giving us such inspirational pieces of work to admire.


To See more of their work, check out, Twitter @SpitzNor or Facebook/Spitzmiller and Norris.


I look forward to following you guys for years to come,



2 Comments on “Continuing to Amaze

  1. Spitzmiller & Norris is my favorite residential design firm in Atlanta. Every time one of their signs goes up in Buckhead I get excited. Here’s to many more signs!!!

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