I suppose a few of you guys (ones in the know) have seen this one before.  Apparently, photos of it have been floating around for a little while now.  I just happened to stumble upon it when I was wandering around the other weekend.  From the first moment that I laid eyes on it though, I was done.  Totally drawn in and utterly enamored. 

From the Portfolio of Cynthia Zeigler, Inc.

This kitchen was created by well noted kitchen designer Cynthia Zeigler and from my perspective, it is a true masterpiece.  Cynthia’s reputation is impeccable as she has been distinguished as one of the most sought after designers in the Atlanta market.  However, one of the things that I admire so much with this kitchen is the way that it relates with other elements of the home.  When building a custom home, it is critical to bring in the main designers (from every discipline) early on in the process to ensure a cohesive and collaborative approach.  For me, the iron window is the primary statement maker of the entire space.  Yet, here is the kick.  You can not have windows of this caliper in just one room of the home.  Certainly not every window in the house needs to be of iron construction; however, they do need to relate to the window ensemble as a whole.  For this to happen, these decisions need to be made early on in the design process.  I also love how the windows align with the top of the upper cabinets and rest directly on the countertops.  Perfectly proportioned.  The cabinets themselves are very stately with the side styles extending all the way down to the floor.  And when combined with the marble tops, a sense of elegance is achieved.  I am also impressed with the connection that is made with the room’s various fixtures.  Notice how the spotlights on the ceiling tracks correlate to the hanging fixtures over the island.  Very Cool.

From the Portfolio of Cynthia Zeigler, Inc.

The island is somewhat rustic in an otherwise very sleek design.  And the stainless countertop connects to the industrial appliances.  That is what transitional design is all about.  ~ Contrast and Compliments~  So that you can then place features like the hood into the mix and really have something to talk about. 
By the way ~ don’t you just love the design subtleties here.  Notice how the curvature of the hood blends with the gentle arch of the doorway and the adjacent opening.  And, how the doors are stained the exact finish as the island.  Awesome Composition.
This kitchen is nothing less than pure nourishment to my soul.
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