A couple of weeks ago, I featured this home’s master bath. In case you missed it, you can catch it here. Today ~ I thought I’d bring you some photos from the kitchen project. I absolutely love this home . It is located in the quiet little community of Loring Heights, just west of Atlanta. For these owners, it is all about the location. Here, they are minutes from Atlantic Station and a vibrant lifestyle while still residing in a quiet, peaceful setting surrounded by nature. All of the homes in the neighborhood are quaint and the streets are lined with magnificent trees. They found this unpolished gem and instantly knew that it had the potential to be transformed it into an abode which could truly reflect their individuality. Earlier, we added on a new master bedroom, master bath and reworked the hall bath and laundry. The owners tackled other areas on their own creating balance and flow as you move from one space to another. The kitchen though was the last daunting challenge. The original layout was confined to an 8′ x 8′ room which was cut off from the eating area and disconnected from other areas of the home. Here again, I apologize for the lack of before pictures, but I hope you enjoy these.

Very Comfortable

I’m standing in what was originally the breakfast room. There was actually a full wall located approximately where the raised bar top is which separated these two rooms.

I Love the Color Scheme

With the small confines of this kitchen, everything was about maximizing its storage and organizational abilities. All of the details were very well thought out and every item had its place.

The Tapered Leg, Furniture Base and Cove Crown Treatments are a Perfect Fit

Never Underestimate the Importance of Lighting

It’s funny, but, these simple little pendants singlehandedly bring the whole space together.
Check out the styling plate rack on the right.

Right now, I am standing in what use to be a side porch. Quite often, homes that were built in this era would have a morning porch where people could go out and have a cup of coffee while reading the paper. While nice to have, this was some valuable real estate that could be rolled into the kitchen plan.

Ahh...The Backsplash!

Where else can an owner have such free rein to express themselves and create an impact than with the elements of the kitchen backsplash. I love working with clients on this part of the design process, because, so often this is where you see imaginations get sparked and true personalities begin to shine. I wish you could see the rest of the Home. We only took photos of the part of the home that we worked on, yet, we missed the opportunity to show what a Well Composed Home can look like. Truly every room in this Home is connected to its adjoining space and the interior decor, finishes and artwork provide the cohesive framework. Very Well Done.

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