In case you missed it, I recently did a whole post on the importance of getting the roof dormer right.  You can see the whole thing by clicking here.  Anyway, while killing time and strolling through some websites I came across this one and it just blew me away.


From the Portfolio of Peter Block Architects

Talk about making a statement.  This one is so striking.  Right off the bat, you will notice the sculpted lower section of the bay providing all of the visual support necessary to confirm its structural integrity. Next, comes the intricate custom wrought iron railing that is complimentary to the piece that is used to support the garage lantern.  I love the size and scale of the panes of glass in the french door.  And then there is the crowning jewel.  The overhang of the hip roof is perfectly proportioned while the brackets provide the exact amount of balance.  Having never studied a lick of architectural theories or best design practices, one can still step back and appreciate this view because the end result is very pleasing to the eye.  And that, my friend, is what good architecture is all about.  You may not know what you like about it.  You just know that you like it.
To see more of their work, please click here:  Peter Block Architects.
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