Sometimes we will rule out employing quality design elements or solid architectural detailing right from the get go because we think that it may be too cost prohibitive or that our project is not up to that level of distinction.  In reality though, there are so many ways to enhance the aesthetics of a home with some very simple techniques.


From the Portfolio of Spitzmiller and Norris

Notice how this simple (yet very elegant) box bay appears to be supported by four cantilevered beams.  This is such a nice touch that costs virtually pennies to execute in the whole scheme of things.  But, what it does do is create a sense of substance with the structure.  I picture this bay to be located on the side of the home where most of the visitors will pass.  Think of the impression that this will etch on the minds of your guests.  Very Well Done.
To see more of their projects, click here: Spitzmiller and Norris, Inc.
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