Undoubtedly “Siting” a house on a piece of property can be one of the most exciting segments of the whole building process. I would even venture to say that this is the draw that pulls so many guys into the construction profession.  This is play at the highest level ~  orchestrsting heavy equipment, managing excavating activities, executing surveying details, laying out the foundations,  Then there’s setting form boards, foundation wall panels, calling in the pump trucks…It’s all good.  But, for me, the process of siting the house has always embodied something more.  This is the point where the entire vision of the home is originated.  It’s where the vision from the plans begins to take life.

From the Portfolio of Peter Block Architects

When executed masterfully, the end product is a true work of Art.  As you can see in the photo above, the home looks like it has been there for decades.  The grounds were not altered to make way for the house, instead, it appears that they were gently carved into allowing the home to nestle itself within the gentle rolling terrain of the property.  The Home is comfortable.  It looks natural.  And, there is a cohesiveness between the home and it’s setting.  The absolute first step in creating something that is Well Composed.

To see more of their work, click here:  Peter Block Architects

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