I guess a lot of people know that I have a personal pet peeve with the level of character and detail that typically go into the creation of a roof dormer.  Having grown up in Atlanta; mostly in some form of suburbia, I’ve seen my share of poorly constructed renditions.  I’ve probably built a few bad ones as well considering my entire career (from age 13 to now 42) has been in this homebuilding endeavor.  As builders though, our approach has historically been concerned with the interior perspective.  Whether we were trying to maximize daylight, satisfy egress or simply increase floor space, we’ve left the exterior to fend for itself.  And what we are left with is a mass of poor examples.












This is such a shame too, because, the roof dormer is an area of the Home that truly emphasizes the overall quality of the structure.  It is an area that reinforces its personality.  And, it is an area that brings the whole composition together.

Now, that's style.

Here Bradley E. Heppner Architecture creates a work of art out of an otherwise small dormer addition.  The proportion and scale, not to mention, the choice of materials speak volumes to the level of attention that is paid to this project.  I absolutely love the multiple panes in the steel window.


Castro Design Studio takes a different approach here as the  dormers are brought front and center allowing the facade to pierce the cornice line.  By maintaining a consistent pitch among the various roof lines, a cohesiveness is achieved unifying the entire project.

Utterly Stunning

What more can I say.   Hats off to  Peter Block Architects
An absolute picture of perfection.
Please forgive the format (screen shot style) of the photo above, but, this is just so good that I had to include it here.  Without the arched front entry, symmetrical chimneys or flared dormers, this house could be considered fairly ordinary.  However, now it is a masterpiece.  And, the first thing that jumped out to me were those beautiful dormers.  They not only compliment the arch of the front door and  porch roof, but, they also add a level of uniqueness and charm; bringing forth the individual strength of the Home.  Isn’t it cool how they just kind of lay up there on the main roof.
I recognize that these examples represent a home of a certain stature, but, we can replicate these techniques in homes of all price ranges.  All it takes is time and attention.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in a Home with true custom detailing after taking into consideration the contribution and impact that well thought out architecture brings to the table.
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