In today’s current real estate condition, one thing remains as true as ever. Location, Location, Location. With home prices hovering at all time lows, people are able to target sought after neighborhoods and communities and take up residence in areas that they have longed to be a part of. And, that is exactly what this homeowner did. With guts, vision and a strong ambition, they were able to transform this forgotten, dilapidated, 1905 relic into a charming abode.


Someone, Please call off the Wrecking Ball!



This one's in need of a little Curb Appeal!


Not to mention, a few structural reinforcements.


Built in the Historic District of Grant Park (Atlanta), this home had been put through a series a renovations. In the 1950’s, it was converted into a quad-plex and currently had three separate entrances. Our mission was to transform it back into a single family residence, shore up the structural integrity and restore its original architectural detailing. All of this while operating on a strict budget.


And here we are Today!



Curb Appeal Restored!


With the structure brought back into Balance.

Every inch of the Home was touched.

Personally, I Love the windows.


Here we have beautiful blend matching the current design with a historical reflection.


Did I mention that I am a sucker for wonderful windows!


And Interior Views!


What a comfortable room.

This Home is now perfectly charming in every detail from its authentic elliptical arches, to the fabulously restored heart pine floors, to the original, vintage fireplaces.  Everything has been restored.  It is a project like this that gets me up in the morning and keeps me pressing on.  Ones where a house come to life.  Where we are Creating Homes that People Can Delight In.
To see more about what we’re up to, please visit our Distinctive Remodeling Website.
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8 Comments on “Anything Is Possible

  1. Love seeing a house saved!! Wow, loads of windows, open spaces and arched doorways and the overall quirkyness of old homes…I’m in love! Great renovation!!

    • Thx for the kind words Nadia. Your site has given me renewed inspiration. If I could reach half your cool factor with mine I would be overjoyed!

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