You know, I love the Spectacular Transformation.  Whether it plays out in our own Lives or in our Homes, there are times when we all can find ourselves in a rut.  A little bit out of date, kind of worn down, definitely in need of some polishing.  The homeowners of this Roswell beauty found themselves in just this sort of predicament.  Although, other areas of the Home had been renovated to change with their changing lifestyle, the Master Bath had long been overlooked.

Here's Her Vanity



And His


The shower was tucked back in this dark corner


Flanked by this Stylish Sunken Tub


And Separarted by the "Throne Room"...Of Coarse

We made a few simple modifications to the layout, but, for the most part, did not move a lot of stuff around.

And Here We Are


The Window Now Assumes It's Proper Place of Prominence


We Customized the Shower Components to Meet the Clients Wishes


The Zig Zag Shower Tile Pattern is Repeated out on the Main Bathroom Floor in a Rug


Her New Vanity With All That Extra Storage


And His. Yeah, We Always Get the Short End of the Stick

The Master Closets also gained New Life.

Before We Had 2 Broken Up His and Her Closets


And then there was One. I just Love that Custom Pocket Door.


To The Right


And The Left


To The Right


And The Left

Oh Well, you get the picture.  While we were on the job, we also renovated the Guest Powder Room and removed all of the popcorn ceiling treatment throughout the home.
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