Following up from our most recent family gathering at the lake, here is a glimpse of some of the more subtle retreats that are tucked away around the property and which provide the greatest rejuvenating power of everything there is to enjoy. You see, toward the end of the week, we actually had seventeen people trying to co-exist up there. Fortunately, with the way that the Home and the Grounds are Composed, you would never feel overcrowded.


A Place for Reading with Coffee and the Sunrise

or..Watching the Kids

Having a Quiet Conversation

Taking a Stroll ~ Usually with a Dog

As I age, my appreciation for gardens and landscapes is certainly expanding when taken in consideration of the entire composition of the Home. There is so much here to enjoy and it definitely completes the place.

or...Taking a Break After Incurring a Beating from the Last Jet Ski Run

And, there are places where we can all come together. What is it about fire and water anyway?
Many a evenings were closed out right here. Ashes Smoldering, Little Ones asleep in a lounge chair, Stars Bright in the Sky and a Calmness Like No Other.

Adventures Abound

Then there are times when you just need to slip away.

Paths to Follow

Places to Explore

And Beauty to Take In

And others, when you just may need a place to Chill.

What I Wouldn't Give To Know What She's Thinking...

As you can tell, I am passionate about Homes and what it means to have achieved a Well Composed Home. In no way do I feel that the home would need to be grand or of a certain price level to be held in such regard. What it does need is to have the careful attention granted to it where the owners personality is reflected and where there is a continuity of style, character, elegance and beauty maintained throughout the entirety of the Home. It takes introspection, planning and courage, but, in the end, a piece of Art is created.
If you would like to see more about what it means to have a Well Composed Home, please visit Atlanta’s own Blayne Beacham’s Blog (Recently Voted One Of The Top Five Real Estate Blogs In The Country) This Photographers Life. Her latest post captures the pure essence of what I’m trying to convey perfectly.
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