One of the reasons that I absolutely love our trips to my sisters lake house is that there is so much to take in.  Like many of us who would consider ourselves in the camp of the Home Enthusiast, I  continually find myself drawn to the finer intricacies and details that make a Home so magical.  In this series of brief, blog posts, I wanted to share with you a few of the elements that make this Home so endearing. 


     I suppose that I am a visual person from the start.  For me, when something is pleasing to the eye, than it makes sense.  When a Home is grounded in strong architectural disciplines ,or has amazing interior views, or is well-balanced  with a continuity between spaces, than it has succeeded by providing a certain level of comfort.  In my mind, one of the first things that speaks to the quality of the Home is the level of attention that is paid to the details.


Anybody Else Love Good Old-Fashioned Wood Joinery

Notice the round copper gutters, copper base, peg and tennon-post & beam construction, notched joinery, use of up-lighting, open rafter tails and the use of a tongue and groove cyprus roof decking.  Beautiful composition.

Looking Up!

Here’s another view of it all coming together.  This is masterful engineering and exceptional design at it’s best.

The Use of Structural Timber Trusses are Carried Throughout the Home


Every Corner Is Taken Care Of

You may have to look close here, but, notice that this last truss is actually set away from the upper wall creating the common “plant shelf” type of effect.  However, they used it to generate depth and shadow and then incorporated the upward facing spotlights for ambiance.

Love This!

This is an interior dormer in that same room.  The way it illuminates the space at night is truly spectacular and only heightens the lake experience.

Same Dormer, Only Outside

One of my biggest pet peeves is a poorly proportioned dormer.  Look around Atlanta…they are everywhere.  In my opinion, if you are going to call yourself a builder, do your homework and get this one right. 

Just Off To The Side Of That Beautiful Dormer

Yet another element that supports the fact that they were paying attention to every detail when assembling this Home.  The chimney cap says it all.

And Finally

How welcoming is that? 
This is what draws me back every time!
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