You may actually recognize this one.  I’ve been sharing a few snippets of it along the way.  Maybe I’m just in a blogging frame of mind after taking a week off for vacation, but, I don’t want to refrain from  giving this project its proper attention any longer.  This home is in a prime location off of Paces Ferry Road in one of the most sought after communities in Atlanta.  The Homeowners bought in a beautiful neighborhood; on a spectacular lot.  An incredible stream winds through the back yard.  The Home’s decor was a tad bit dated, yet, a grand vision for its future  had been set from the onset.  Our goal:  To transform this raw beauty into a modern marvel.

The Kitchen

And the Breakfast

From Then to Now

The cabinetry is Berloni John Arnot and Shirley Macfarlain collaborated with the Owners to provide the professionally outfitted, incredibly functional, meticulously designed, impeccably sleek, culinary masterpiece that you see  here.   

Love the Integrated Breakfast Table

Couldn’t you see yourself here hanging with the kids enjoying some cereal.  And then when you’re entertaining, everyone will certainly be asking about the counter tops from “Ice Stone”.  Very cool stuff.

Typical Box Stair

 The foyer felt extremely narrow and closed in and the stairs left little to be inspired about.  In order to lay out the new vision, we had to re-locate a powder room, expand the width of the interior space (including the front porch)  and re-work the roof above to accept the new entry and maximise the amount of light.

The Solid Kneewall Approach which Doubles as a Rail is Never a lot of Fun

So We Shuffled a Few Walls Around


Opened Things Up A Little Bit


Now the Homeowners Level of Style is able to Shine







Very Sleek



A Whole New Space


Simply Elegant

 Theresa Minkoff with Moda Floors and Interiors worked hand and hand with the owners to achieve this exceptional composition of interior finishes and ensure that an authentic continuity is maintained throughout the entire Home.


From Here


To Here

And where would we be without the spectacular insight of Ken Lynch.  He provided all of the architectural work on the Home and laid the ground work for bringing the vision to life.


From Purely Service

To Inviting the Guests Around to the Back Door



The Walkway Just Welcomes You to the Backyard



And Down to the Pool

Here We Were Before



And Now, A New Setting



I think I know where I would be spending my days

For me, this project is a shining example at how important it is to take a collaborative approach when creating a new Home.  It took the insightful contributions of everybody involved.  From the Architectural work to the kitchen and bath design to the interior design to the execution of the construction details to the wonderful ideas of the client.  The team approach works best every time.


We still have a few things to show:  Stainless cable and solid glass handrail system, cracked glass kitchen backsplash, cork floors in the basement and a new stone fireplace.  We’ll have to get some more photos and update in a little while.

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3 Comments on “A Beautiful Awakening

  1. Nice looking house, Kyle! It looks a lot better now. It looks like you’re all done with the work, but I was wondering about the stairs. Can you leave them like that without handrails?

    • Hey Allison – You are absolutely correct. We are doing a cable rail system there. Unfortunately, the initial contractor (who came highly recommended by the product provider) went bankrupt about half way into the project. A backup provider is now on board, fabricating as we speak and should be installing in the next couple of days. I wanted to wait until the professional pics were done, but, just couldn’t resist. ~ Kyle

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