No, this isn’t my Home, but, it is honestly my favorite place under the sun.  My sister and her in-laws own this beauty and I treasure every chance we get to visit.  As long as I get to roam this planet, I will be content to be my sister’s kid brother and tag along to such wonderful destinations as this.  “Myrcha”  is the name of this quaint Home and it was the first building to be constructed on the property which is located at the back of Governors Cove on Lake Burton.  The name is a combination of both of the grand parents names, Myrtle and Charles.  Story has it that when they were newly married and C.W. was just branching out into business for himself, Myrtle came across this property and set out to find a way to acquire it.  You see, she had so much faith in her husband and his ability that she scraped and borrowed enough money to purchase the land and give to her husband as a surprise gift.  Pretty cool Huh!  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the photo show roll.

Original Boat House

Every Detail Perfectly Executed


Oh, The Grounds

Features Abound

     And then they started to building anew.   

Over the years, they have added to the property, but, never compromised the integrity or beauty of the land.

New Boat House

Back Side

 The best of all are the memories made with the kids.

Good Times


All the Places to Explore

Non-Stop Smiles

Everyone is Jumping

Even my Little "Girlie"

My Crew

 There are actually three homes on the property now a days.  One of which is owned by a long time family friend who is spending their retirement years as the year round care taker of the grounds.  (I’ve already submitted a resume for when this position becomes available.)  A larger Home has been constructed further up the mountain and has a spectacular view of the lake.  I will showcase this one in a later post, but, let me give you a peek of where you can find me enjoying a late afternoon nap.

Pure Serenity

Leaving next Tuesday and staying for a week.  Great Food, Crazy Fun (And, Yes, I will probably end up injured), Fireworks on the Water and Time with Family.

This is as Good as it Gets.

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1 Comment on “Little Slice of Heaven

  1. I grew up spending at least a couple long weekends a year at Myrcha until I was around 23. The times my family spent at Myrcha are some of the best memories of my childhood.

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