It has definitely been a wonderful year for Distinctive Remodeling with a score of great projects to showcase.  One of the reasons that I find the building profession so fascinating is that it is one of the few places where you can play an active role in bringing  imagination into reality.   Then, when you add in the human component of team collaboration, the project will take on a life of its own.  This one has to be one of my all time favorites.  Here, we have a family Home where many years of wonderful memories had been stored.  Yet now, with the kids gone and building lives on their own, it was time to start updating the home to match the Homeowners evolving style.   

Typical appliances, cabinets, counter tops and flooring of the era.


     And then the fun began.  We worked with Tim Odom of Insidesign to seamlessly pull together a completely new space that thoroughly embodied the homeowners taste.  Other rooms had already been made over with new furnishings and decor but the kitchen required a true design professional to tie everything together.

Custom finished wide plank flooring with a balance of rich and creamy cabinetry.

Love the placement of the wall sconces in the space above the vent hood.

A simple replacement of the kitchen window made a huge impact.

Magnificent Mother of Pearl Tops

Magnificent Mother of Pearl Tops

     Let’s not forget the laundry room.  It lies in the adjoining space connecting the kitchen to the garage.  Trouble is, this is the first place you enter upon returning home.

Not very inviting.

I think we dressed it up a bit.

     Now this room serves as an extension of the kitchen and performs multiple duties in addition to being the utility room.

    For me, this project can be highlighted as a ringing endorsement for pursuing high quality design in the development stages.  A lot of elements came together contributing to the success of this project but it all started with Tim’s beautiful vision.  This enabled our project manager to execute on the details meticulously. And, we had a solid direction for the finish materials to be used thus allowing us to more accurately forecast the costs related to the project.  It certainly didn’t hurt that the lady of the home had impeccable tastes.

     We also renovated the guest bath on the main floor at the same time as this project, but, I will have to reveal that one at a later time.

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