Yeah, I know, this may be a little extreme and definitely absurd, but it does, in a sense, characterize who we were.  We had become gluttonous, self-absorbed and way too concerned with collecting stuff.  Now a days – things are entirely different. There has been a shift in our culture of monumental proportions.  We as a collective group are looking at things  through New Eyes  and it could not be more prevalently revealed than in the current design styles of our Homes.  In fact, I believe that what we are experiencing runs so much deeper than a mere trend.   We could actually be in the mist of an era of  epochal significance.  One that could potentially mark this  generation for centuries.  In the same way that  the 1920’s and the 1950’s had such a lasting  impact, so to will the 2010’s  & 2020’s find their own degree of resonance.

     Enter Transitional Design.  Literally – this is the design style that has been sweeping the nation.  Originally inspired as a response to decades of overindulgence.   Where having more was the answer to everything.  I believe that people were instantly drawn to the transitional movement because it was in step with the corrections that they were making in their own personal lives.  De-cluterring had become the mantra of individuals from every walk of life.  Everyone was looking for a way to simplify their lifestyles and rid themselves of the needless baggage that they had been accumulating over the years.  Initially, transitional design felt a lot like the modernist era of the past.  But then, a shift  took place.  It became very personal. 

     I could show a picture here, but, all you need to do is pick up any magazine that features homes and lifestyles and you will see what we are talking about.   Look to what the luxury home market is asking for, those that can afford to implement any form of lifestyle under the sun,  and you will see what is taking shape in the minds of individuals all across this great land.  So what is it?  Transitional design can loosely be defined as a mixture between traditional and contemporary styles.  It has been known as “updated classic”, “classic with a contemporary twist” and “new takes on old classics”.  It is a look where elegance is achieved through clean lines and simple yet stylistic detailing.  One that is stripped clean of superficiality.  It is an un-cluttered design style where everything has its place.  There is not a hint that extra do-dads remain hidden behind closed doors.   It is one that is well-organized.   It embodies our true spirit that lives free of “stuff”.  And through this heightened level of elegant detailing, purposeful organization and  specific personalization, something greater has begun to emerge.  These spaces are beginning to become authentic to the core.

     This is where I believe that this movement will gain lasting power.  Homes will become highly personalized.  People will be less interested in filling their homes with random stuff.  Instead, they will be very intentional in sculpting their homes into something that is a true reflection of who they are.  They will spend as much time contemplating items to be removed as they will in deciding on new pieces to introduce.  Homes will reflect our new lifestyles.  They will be “light”.  They will be “Lean”.  they will be places of creativity, inspiration, strength,  and integrity.  Everything Right Now is colliding into a masterful depiction of this meaning of Home.  The Green Movement will transform into what is expected.  The banking reformation will establish responsiblity at every level .  People will be encouraged from the real estate community to express their individual tastes.    Thus, Authentic Living will be the lasting result.

     25, 50 to 100  years from now, when we have lost our way again.  We will harken back to a time of substance.  One that will allow us to re-group and gather our bearings.  And, I believe that this era will be our inspiration.  That alone makes this a truly exciting time to be in this real estate, architectural, design, home building and remodeling industry.  So, what do we name it?  What will we call this time of refined elegance?  This time of responsible prosperity?  This time where substance matters?  This time of Authentic Living?

     I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts.

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