For the longest time I have admired this home and yet I could not fully describe what it was about it that had me so drawn to it.  I do tend to like symmetry, but, I’m certain that there is something more here.  I also appreciate that it has a simple elegance, and yet, it is truly simple in regards to materials and detailing.  So – I went to the most relevent reference book  in my library.  That is “Get Your House Right” by Marianne Cusato.  I studied the roof plan.  Evaluated it from the perspective of proportion, balance and scale.  Considered the Hierarchy.  And while all of these things are working for the most part, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most exquisite detail about his home was brought about by the hands of the builder.

     You see, Simply Put, this home is just “Comfortably Sited”.  The builder, through genuine vision and thoughtful planning, has selected the perfect style home to go with the lot conditions and then tailored the homes features to create a continuity of elements.  By tucking the garage away to the rear of the home, not only was the facade kept clean and stylish,  but the driveway was able to be lengthened and thus its pitch has been minimized.  In this photo, you can pick up on the increase in the rise of the driveway for the home to the right.  30 years ago, it was a common practice to build homes with rear loading garages.  You will see this in communities all over Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.  I know we steered away from this design technique as a means to reduce construction costs, but, I believe this is a classic example of how a few extra dollars and some careful planning can have a lasting impact.

     The crowning jewel of the entire home lies in the Main Entry.  By terracing the lawn and extenuating the driveway, they were able to create a level lead walkway that brings you up to a curved staircase and an elegant Front Porch.  The Composition of the Whole Home brings your eye to this welcoming point.  Siting a Home is an Art Form and by executing this phase of the construction process meticulously, this builder has created something of True Lasting Value.  Well done.

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