Something that is Well Composed has a sense of integrity to it, both inside and out.  No matter which way you look at a home that is gracefully composed, it appears balanced and has it’s own unique sense of beauty and harmony.  Architects use this word “composed” to describe the interrelationships amoung forms, whether at the big picture level (such as how roof meets wall) or at a detailed level (such as how window meets surrounding surfaces).

With many new homes today, although the facade has usually been composed somewhat – it has a fairly balanced and appealing “face” to the street – as soon as you move a few feet in either direction along the sidewalk, you discover that the sides could very easily belong to a completely different house.  They haven’t been composed in any way and in fact often look like an accidental assemblage of parts that have been thrown together.  It makes the house seem insubstantial and inauthentic, as though it’s trying to be something that it’s not. 

In our lives, the same can be true.  How many people do you know who have a face that they show to the world, while just below the surface they’re feeling empty and freightened and are not doing any of the things they yearn to be doing.  A life that is Well Composed is one in which there is authenticity all the way through, a life in which the outer appearance and the inner substance match up.  It is one in which you are living your passions and finding ways to express the essence of who you are.  It is through this process of using your life experiences to continually explore your true self that delightful and vibrant composition comes into being.

A satisfying composition takes time, care and introspection, whether you are designing a home, writing a short story or Living a Life…

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