So what is the Well Composed Home Site all about? 

For me, the level of design that goes into a new home or a renovation project is the most critical element there is.  This is where it all begins.  It is the foundation.  In fact, it is only when we give the appropriate amount of attention to the design details up front, that the project is able to have an adequate budget assigned to it  and that the construction can be executed in an orderly fashion in the field. 

But, we are not simply talking about features like the spacial layout of the floor plan, the mixture of materials on the front elevation or the architectural theme of the home.  No, a Well Composed Home is more than that.  It is a combination of many different design disciplines coming together in an orchastrated manner for the betterment of the home and it’s owners.  It is a Well thought Out and Organized composition. 

During this economic downturn and the subsequent housing bust, many of my colleagues have focused their attention on becoming a specialist in an area of their preference.  Some have chosen green building.  Others; universal design.  Many;  becoming kitchen and bath providers.  While I do not wish to discredit their pursuits  in any way, I have always felt that we need to be striving for more when designing a home.  We need to take on a more holistic approach.  This endeavor can be daunting.  Almost overwhelming if you really think about.  Because of such, I do not claim to be an expert in this entire area.  In fact, I would always be an advocate of utilizing the appropriate design professional for each chosen discipline. 

With this site, not only do I hope to spotlight some projects that have done a remarkable job in composing beautiful homes, but, I would also like to try to distinguish the subtle nuances that make them special.  You see, I would like to treat this as a learning experience for myself.  Similar to when a photography enthusiast commits to a full year of posting a photo a day or when a poet produces three new pieces a week.  Inevitably their work becomes better because their understanding of their art becomes stronger.   I tend to find it difficult to convey or articulate the distinguishing attributes that make up a Well Composed Home.  I do know it when I see it though, and, I would like to become better at painting the picture on how to get there.  I also believe that we as a design and building community need to embrace this “Big Picture ” approach on creating Homes of magnificent and lasting value.  We can do so much better than we have in the past couple of decades.  And now we literally have a blank slate to work with. 

What a Golden Opportunity!

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