Woohoo…2011 is Here!

2010 is Gone. And, for that matter, Good Riddance to ’09,’08 and ’07.

“A New Season is Upon Us”.   I am so excited about what is to be.  In a way, the whole system had to  blow up in order for us to move forward in a positive direction, and, what is emerging in the realm of new housing is going to be incredible. As hard as it’s been, I thank God for having given me this experience. Sure we lost a lot (it’s only money) but I grew through it in ways that I never thought were possible.

Now that we are Lean, It’s time to start making great strides.  On to the Resolutions.

For the whole month of January, I have been building a complex spreadsheet detailing all of the goals, targets and objectives that I want to tackle this year.  All of them with specific deadlines attached.  The list just kept growing.  Catergories and Sub-Catergories for every facet of my life.  Then it dawned on me. 

All of this can be accomplished with one simple Mantra.  Yes I said simple; Awesomely Simple.  And yet, quite possibly the most challenging endeavor I have ever seriously undertaken…

            “In All Things, Give Thanks.”

Simply put, quit complaining.  Talk about a daunting challenge.  I did not fully grasp how many times a day this ugly habit had invaded my conversations.  But, what I love about this simple statement is the power in it’s purpose. Imediately, I get the sense that my perspective has shifted and (as a consequence) my outlook has been lifted.   

You see…I just Love Simple Elegance and this single objective embodies that whole heartedly.  Under the surface, this be can be challenging, complex and very demanding, but, to the world the result is just plain beautiful.

Looking forward to the impact.  Wish me luck.

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